Tips to Improve Performance of Windows 11

Tips to Improve Performance of Windows 11

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Improve Performance of Windows 11. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Improve Performance of Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with settings related to the power level to control the power consumption of your computer. That means you can use different settings to balance the battery capacity of your device. Here are some details guide it on changing power status to increase battery life or increase performance.

Windows 11 uses moderate power mode by default to increase performance with reduced power consumption. Although, if needed, you can switch to a better power mode to reduce the performance or go with a better operating mode that will increase battery usage. On Windows 11, you can change the power status with the help of the Settings application.

Activate Windows Fast Start Mode

Windows 10 is a feature called the Start Room that matches what it sounds like, and this is the first obvious stop in its query. Essentially, this is such a middle ground between hibernating and shutting down. It will not save your unlocked applications, such as hibernation will, but the OS under-hood will go into hibernation mode, helping you get started up with a clean state faster.

Reboot is inefficient, though, so if you run into problems with Windows Update or getting into your BIOS, you may have to restart your PC to perform those tasks rather than shut down.

On most machines, this can work by default, but if you turn it off forever — or if for some reason it does not work on the desktop itself – you can change that change pretty easily.

Head to Settings> Settings> Power & Sleep and click the Extra Power settings link on the right side of the window. From there, click Select What Power Buttons Done, and you should see a box next to Turn Start Room in the list of options.

If it is gray, you will need to click the Switch Settings that are currently in the link Not at the top of that window first, then turn on Fast Start feature. Make sure to click Save Changes button when finished.

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Adjust your UEFI / BIOS settings

Some computers have another Fast Boot system in the BIOS. Unlike Windows Fast Start, the Fast Boot Program (or whatever you call it on your motherboard) goes through some of the first tests that your computer runs when it first starts. up. If you are overcoming or otherwise need access to the normal BIOS, you may want to leave this out, but most people may be able to turn it on if it does not already exist.

Restart your computer, click Delete to enter the BIOS settings (or another key, if prompted), and find any fast boot settings in the menu. Some folks also recommend changing the Start Order of your Boot (make sure your hard disk is at the top of the list, instead of a DVD drive or network boot), but I do not find this to carry the needle too much.

Every motherboard is different, so poke around your UEFI / BIOS settings to see if there are any others features you can play or play from room up boot process – your motherboard or PC analog can point you in the right direction.

Cut Startup Settings

The more settings you are set to launch in the beginning, the longer your computer will allow to access usage mode when booted. up. Some of your startup programs may need to be run all the time, but most probably are not.

To see what launches in the beginning, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up up Task Manager. Click More Details below, then head to the Start tab. You will be presented with a list of programs that start with your computer, including a Windows calculation of the amount that affects your boot time.

You’ll also see “Last BIOS Clock” in the upper right-hand corner – which tells you how long your BIOS has been to take control of Windows, so if this number is more than a few seconds, you may want to check another look. in the BIOS settings as described above. In some cases, you may just have a slow motherboard like I did.

If you find a program in this list you do not need a startup — even if you have a high-end startup in the system settings and open the option to launch with Windows. (Dropbox, for example, adjusts the startup effect as long as you want it to run all the time – but Launch Epic Games probably doesn’t need to be launched with your PC.)

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If you do not see an option in the startup settings of the program, you can remove it from the Task Manager window to prevent it from launching in boot. You can also open Settings> Applications> Start and close anything you do not want to open at the beginning.

Open Explorer Manager and type% APPDATA% MicrosoftWindows Startup Menu Startup Tools into the address bar to access your Startup folder. Any shortcuts included here will automatically launch in boot – so if there is something here that you do not want to launch, just delete it from the folder.

Finally, if you find any programs through this process that you do not need at all, go ahead and remove them completely — and it does not hurt to run a malware scan while you are there. Bad players running in the background can of course slow down your shoe process.

Let Windows Updates Run During Downtime

When Windows updates, you have to take the time to install those updates when you shut down — and, often, when you boot back up. If your computer “Getting Windows Ready” after an update when you just want to play some games, you should let Windows do its thing when you are not using the PC. This means letting your device run updates automatically, though.

To perform without interrupting your work, go to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update and click Change Working Hours button. Tell Windows what time it tends to use most devices — say, from 9 to 5 — and will try to run automatic updates and reboot during periods when the system is not working.

Upgrade to Solid-State Drive

More and more modern computers have rolled out portable hard drive drives and moved them to hard state drives, or SSDs, which are much faster. If you are still using one of those old disks, it is time to upgrade. Not only will the program launch instantly compared to your old hard drive, but your computer will be much faster as well.

Just about any computer with a removable disk should be easy to upgrade to an SSD like the Samsung 870 EVO, which you can buy at as cheap as $ 65 for 500GB. Look up repair procedures for your specific laptop or desktop for full step-by-step, since it can vary from device to device. For the most part, you should not need more than a screwdriver (and occasionally bit torx).

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Just Use Sleep Mode

Here is the thing: booting up fresh from your hard drive will always be slower than we start from sleep. If you are worried about how long it will take to start your computer, consider just putting it to sleep instead.

After all, while the sun uses a little more energy than a full shutdown, the difference can be negligible in terms of electricity charges. Sleep can also be a little careless if your computer has stolen background settings up at random times, but we have a guide to fix that too. The lock still has its mass if I am putting mine laptop in my pocket for a few days, for example, I would probably shut down completely — but the more you use the sun, the more you will worry about pesky start time.


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