Tips to Manage Notifications on iPhone

Tips to Manage Notifications on iPhone

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Guide: How to Manage Notifications on iPhone

Notifications on the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch may be useful, but you do not want to be constantly distracted by phone calls, text messages, and all kinds of other notifications. Whether you are active or just want to have a quiet time, you can manage and turn off notifications on your device for specific contacts and apps.

Apple’s Don Not Disturb is the easiest way to turn off notifications, but the company does just that. feature in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 with Focus. It is now easy for you to manage notifications when you are sleeping or driving. There is also an option to set up profiles for your private and work life.

How to Manage Push Notifications on iPhone

Push notifications work by default as part of iOS. Select the type of application you want to receive notifications from and the type of alerts they send.

  • Tap the Settings application to open.
  • Tap Notifications to show installed applications phone supporting notifications.
  • Tap Previews and select when you want notifications to appear.


Receive alerts when the phone is locked or unlocked.

When Opened:

Alarms do not appear on the Lock screen. Select this option to minimize interruptions or maintain confidentiality.

Do not:

Alerts not shown up on phone.

  • In the Notifications settings, click an application of the notification settings you want to change, then turn on Receive Notifications to change the notification options for the application.
  • In the Alerts section (in iOS 12), select the types of alarms you want to use. A check mark will appear next to the active ones.

Lock screen:

Alerts will appear when the phone is locked.


Alerts go to the Notification Center, which you can view on the Lock screen or by scrolling down from the top of the screen.


Alerts will appear when the phone is unlocked.

  • Tap Asia (in iOS 11, click Show as Flags) to set how notifications will appear on the screen. Then, click on an option:

A while:

These notifications appear for a while, then automatically delete.


These notifications stay on the screen until you tap or remove them.

  • There are other notification settings that you can adjust:
  • Turn on Switch Sounds so that the iPhone rings when a notification is received from this application. If the iPhone is silent or set to Silent Mode, you will not hear sounds from any notifications other than AMBER, Emergency, and Public Safety alarms (if these work).
  • Turn Switch Badge to show the red number on the app icon when you have notifications.
  • Click Show Preview to control whether notifications appear on phone screen when it is locked. Use this setting for things that need immediate attention, such as voicemail and calendar events, and activate it for personal or suspicious information.
  • Activate Show History to view previous notifications from this application in the Notification Center. This option is not available in iOS 12.
  • In iOS 12, select Group Notification to group notifications automatically, by application, or not at all.
  • Repeat the process for each app’s notification permissions. Not all applications have the same options. Some have more. Some applications, especially some that come with the iPhone such as Calendar and Mail, have more. Experiment with settings until notifications are configured the way you want.

Manage AMBER and Emergency Alert Notifications on iPhone

At the bottom of the Notifications screen, there are several rotating modes that control alert options:

AMBER titanium:

Alerts issued by law enforcement during child abductions and related emergencies.

Emergency Alerts:

Alarms related to severe weather or special events related to safety.

City Security Alerts:

New in iOS 12, this option triggers when local authorities identify a threat to life or property.


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