Tips to Move Files from iPhone to Mac

Tips to Move Files from iPhone to Mac

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Move Files from iPhone to Mac. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Move Files from iPhone to Mac

Nowadays it is almost impossible to live without a smartphone, and certainly the iPhone is without a doubt the brightest. As a long-time iPhone user, it plays a very important role in our daily lives from both personal and business use, such as taking photos, managing tasks and social networking. Retirement up your iPhone data on Mac is a good practice and habit for the following reasons.

People have always been arguing the superiority of iOS or Android systems ever since they first started releasing on the devices. From features to life, privacy, and security, it is almost always a throw-up to see which one is better. But, there is one thing that Android is better than iOS – that is how easy it is to transfer files between device and computer. At the very least, that is the release of the MacOS Catalina update, which allows Mac users to skip iTunes altogether. Despite this, it is still a tedious process if you want to transfer files from iPhone to Windows PC and Mac. Thanks, this one guide be here to help you with that!

How to transfer files from iPhone to Mac with MobileTrans

  • MobileTrans is a powerful tool that works well with all iPhone devices and Android devices. You have features you can restore files from backups, transfer files from phone to phone and much more. If you are wondering how to transfer files from Mac to iPhone without itunes, then this option will definitely give you a solution.
  • Download MobileTrans and Connect iPhone Mac. This can be done via a USB cable. Once connected, the computer will point to a new device. Open up MobileTrans software to let you select the transfer option.
  • Select the files you need to transfer. This step will enable you to see all the files saved on your iPhone. MobileTrans has made it easy on how to access iPhone files on Mac because the whole list will be filled. Select the specifications you need to transfer to Mac.
  • Start Transfer. In order to start the transfer process, click on ‘Start’. button to transfer your files to Mac. You can then choose to support them up on Mac for future extraction. Files will be backed up to Mac soon.

How to transfer files from iPhone to Mac with AirDrop

  • This Apple’s method is also another top way to use when you want to transfer or copy files from iPhone to Mac. Your iPhone needs to be awake because it can work better when AirDrop is running. This can be used for transferring files from one device to another or from one Mac to another with much ease.
  • Activate AirDrop on your iOS device. This is done from the control center. Swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen to access the deployment airdrop settings menu. Let Airdrop open. This should also allow you to allow transfers either from contacts only or from everyone: Transfer up to access Control Center> AirDrop> Select Contacts Only or Public.Then select certain files, such as photos. After sending a photo or file you will see the text sent under the human device in your AirDrop line.
  • Connect to Mac On your Mac, follow these steps: Finder> Menu Bar> Go> Airdrop> Allow me to browse through> select Only Contacts or Everyone. Then You can transfer files from iPhone to Mac or share files from Mac to iPhone using Airdrop. Your iPhone will be in Finder. When you have sent files from iPhone, you will receive an alert on your Mac asking you to download the files. If you have used the same Apple ID as your iPhone, you can download the files on your Mac automatically.

How to transfer files from iPhone to Mac with iCloud

  • iCloud is an online storage service for all your iOS devices.You can say iCloud is a powerful application that will back up your files and contacts, which you can sync to Mac directly with the same Apple ID.
  • Open iCloud on iPhone Follow the steps on your iPhone: Open Settings> Choose iCloud> Click iCloud> set it on.
  • Open iCloud on Mac On your Mac, open favorite settings> click iCloud> make sure iCloud Drive works and tick in Desktop and page folders> click Done.


Guide about How to Move Files from iPhone to Mac

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Tips to Move Files from iPhone to Mac
Tips to Move Files from iPhone to Mac
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