Tips to record Movie on an iPhone

Tips to record Movie on an iPhone

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Guide: How to record Movie on an iPhone

There are more than one way to edit videos recorded on your iPhone to create a movie to share with friends and family, but one of our favorites is using reminders feature in the photos. Despite Apple’s usual tendency to simply use and discover features, you have to say that Memories is one of the best hidden tools on iPhone and iPad. Part of this is because Apple just wants to do anything for you.

Without question, Photos creates a collection of photos and videos and introduces you with a video montage of edited beauty. Unless most Mondays are spoiled by a screenshot of a bus schedule taken the same day or a video clip showing a crying baby rather than a laugh.

Making your own movie or video

Filming an iPhone is like making any other type of film. You need to plan closely, shoot the shots separately, pay attention to the sound, and think about your audience.

Plan your movie

Think about why you are making the film and what you want to say. Can you summarize your thoughts in one tweet? If not, you need to work on it more. To plan, you can start with one map and then list a shot or a storybook, or you can write a script. Make sure you get enough shots to tell your story.

Prepare to shoot

Check the Settings to select your recording quality. I usually shoot in 1080p HD although my iPhone 6S can shoot 4K. But I use 4K when I want to be able to cut the image without losing quality. Save it phone into Flight Mode to avoid disturbances.

  • Make sure camera is in Video, not Photo Mode.
  • Let the device stop. Use a holder, tripod or stabilizer if you can. You can also rest your elbows on the table or chair back, or lean against a wall.
  • On an iPad, double-click on the screen to view the full screen image (with black bars above and below).
  • Do not burn the image (unless you have a dual lens) as you may lose quality.

Check the item

  • Unless you have a separate microphone, you will only be able to record speech properly if the iPad is near the object. So you will need to shoot closeups.
  • A few movies then play back (on headphones if possible). Does it sound good?

Check frames and camera condition

  • Check that there is nothing disturbing in the background.
  • If the shot should be close, make sure it is very close. My ABCDEF list will help you see if you are ready to make a film.

Get the show right

  • Remove the film from the heat if you can.
  • Display lock. Tap down the main part of the image until AE / AF LOCK appears.
  • Then the brain up or down on the line to the right of the box to make the image brighter or darker if necessary.

Your movie shot

  • Touch the red button once to start filming. It will turn into a rectangle when recording (above).
  • Shoot at least 10 minutes of each clip, or five seconds before and after any activity.
  • Touch the red button again to stop filming.
  • Review your clips by clicking the image icon that appears at the bottom right when the camera is delayed. Do not delete anything unless you are sure it cannot be used.

Prepare for adjustment

Use the Photos app to organize your clips into albums before you start editing. This will make them easier to find, even if you have a lot of video clips on your device.

Edit your clips with iMovie

If iMovie is not already installed, you can download it from the iTunes store. Tap? icon at the top of the screen to get tips that will help you find your way around the app.


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