Tips to record phone calls on iPhone

Tips to record phone calls on iPhone

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to record phone calls on iPhone. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to record phone calls on iPhone

Whether it’s recording work conversations or recording touch calls with family members, sometimes you want to know how to record phone conversations on iPhone. However, without the application already in iOS, it is not clear how to do so. There are several ways to record a phone call from an iPhone, but you need to carefully choose what you have access to and what you want to record.

Fortunately for you, we have a rundown of your best options here. After making sure you are legally entitled to record your communication, you can use the application, dial-up services, or additional tools to create your recording.

Simply Record a Speaker Phone Phone Chat

This works for any call, live chat, or endless Zoom call. On the second device — is another iPhone, an iPad, laptop, or Android phone- Open an audio recording application and hit record while talking. On iOS, the built-in feature is called Voice Memos; we are full tutorial on how to lo o. Windows 10 has built-in Recorder. Android has their majority.

You can do this with many efficient third-party recorder applications, such as Rev Voice Recorder, Otter, and Alice, which offer some transcription. Always for a charge. Down to this point in quality can be ideal. Also, most people hate talking to someone on the speaker phone.

Enable Google Voice

If you haven’t used that free Google Voice account in a while, check it out. It provides a free, free voicemail phone number, round-call function (will sound like most IRL phones as you like until you answer), and yes, even recording conversation on incoming calls. While it is possible to make outgoing calls using the Google Voice application on your iPhone, you cannot record them with Google Voice.

  • For the recording to work, it must be activated in the settings. Inside mobile app or or via on the desktop, go to Settings> Calls> Incoming Call Options.
  • You have the option in the settings for answering calls either by the application itself (check iOS device) or by sending the call to it mobile number. Either way, you are not technically recording on your iPhone. It does it all on Google servers, which enable Voice over IP (VoIP) connection.
  • When answering calls to your Google Voice number, press 4 on the number pad. Participants will hear a robot voice state that the recording has begun – this is Google’s way of making it legal; Alphabet Inc. does not want part of a lawsuit. To stop recording, tap 4 again or resume up. You can hit 4 keys as often as you want to start and stop recording.
  • Call records are sent to you via email and appear in the Google Voice list of voice mail recordings. You can generally tell the difference between voicemail messages and recorded conversations because the latter may be longer, and say “Record no.


Guide about How to record phone calls on iPhone

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