Tips to Remotely Turn a PC On and Off

Tips to Remotely Turn a PC On and Off

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Remotely Turn a PC On and Off. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Remotely Turn a PC On and Off

To change PC or remotely, all you need is a desktop shortcut. There are several guides that illustrate how to turn on and off your PC remotely. However, many of them appear to handle the subject as if you were going to be in charge of a large computer network. Others go too far in specifics, turning what should be a straightforward position to a flexible one.

This article has been created to show you how to turn on or off the PC remotely to help you with the process and make it as easy as possible.

1. Set Up PC Remote PC

Although many modern Ethernet network adapters support Wake-on-LAN, many do not feature works by default. For a PC to be able to spring from action when you get a magic bag, you may have to play the game feature in two seemingly unrelated places:

  1. In your PC BIOS / UEFI menu.
  2. In your network adapter settings within Windows 10.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific instructions for running Wake-on-LAN in your PC BIOS / UEFI menu. The option’s placement depends on the motherboard’s manufacturer. Therefore, you will have to check your motherboard instructions for more information. Often, though, you will find it under Network or power related options.

After making sure that Wake-on-LAN is enabled in your target BIOS / UEFI PC, boot into your Windows installation as usual. Open Device Manager. If you are on Windows 10, you can press the Windows + X key and run it from the speed menu of OS control tools. Alternatively, you can press the Windows key or click on the Start menu and start typing “Device Manager” to search.

  • Expand the Network adapters category and double-click on your network adapter (or right-click on it and select Properties). Move to the Advanced tab and check the entries below Belongings. Find access for Wake up on the Magic Packet and enable it.
  • While viewing the properties of your network adapter, move on Power management taboo. There, make sure both Allow this application to steal the computer we had Get only one magic bag to steal the computer be working.
  • Finally, to wake up up remotely, you will need this IP address IP. If you do not know, you can find it by pressing the Windows + R key, pressing “cmd”, then press Enter to execute Command Prompt. Type “ipconfig” (without punctuation marks) in the Command Prompt and press Enter to execute the command. The address you need will be traffic as IPv4 address.
  • You can now turn off this PC and get back to your original one.

2. Download WakeMeOnLan

As we will see, creating a lock shortcut on our desktop for our remote PC is easy and possible with Windows default tools. However, to turn on the PC remotely, you need a way to send it to the mentioned magic box. Many remote control solutions can steal your PC this way.

For this thing, though, we do not want to remotely control our PC. We want to access your repository as quickly and easily as possible. Therefore, it is easy to use NirSoft’s free WakeMeOnLan tool.

  • Download WakeMeOnLan from your website.
  • The tool works as a portable application and does not require installation. However, it is in a ZIP repository. To use, create a folder where you want to “insert” from where you will be working in the future. Then, extract the contents of the document downloaded there. Remember (or copy to clipboard) the path to that folder.

With everything set up, you can create actual shortcuts that will turn on and off your PC remotely.

3. Create On / Off Shortcuts

WakeMeOnLan offers a nice GUI but also supports command line flags. We will exploit this feature to use WakeMeOnLan as a secret pointer behind a shortcut that will turn on the PC remotely.

  • Right-click on a blank space on your desktop and select New> Shortcut from the POP lists up.
  • Enter the full path to the working file of WakeMeOnLAN (suggested to watch or copy to previous clip) in the field below Enter the location of the object. Alternatively, you can click on Browse button on the right, then search and select the WakeMeOnLAN function from the applicant that appears. Leave a blank space after running, and type “/ wakeup YOUR_REMOTE_PC’s_IP” (without comment). Replace “YOUR_REMOTE_PC’s_IP” with the IP address you observed when running ipconfig on your remote PC.
  • Enter the appropriate name for your new shortcut. We use the correct “BlackBox_ON”, where “BlackBox” is the name of our remote PC. Click on Complete and your first icon will be ready to use.
  • Create a second icon as before. For this one, you can use the Windows native command “lock” instead of a third-party application. So, instead of typing a path to a function, press “shutdown / s / m REMOTE_PC’s_NAME” (without definite characters). In our case, our remote PC is called “BlackBox”, so the command is “lock / s / m blackbox”.
  • Enter the appropriate name for this shortcut well-used “BlackBox_OFF” registry completely. Finally, click on Complete to create your Remote-OFF shortcut.


Guide about How to Remotely Turn a PC On and Off

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