Tips to Remove Lines from Google Sheets

Tips to Remove Lines from Google Sheets

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Guide: How to Remove Lines from Google Sheets

When you create a new account in Google Docs, gridlines will appear on your screen by default, and they will also appear when you print. In contrast to Microsoft Excel, where grid lines appear on the screen but are not printed by default, gridline appears on the screen but not typed by default. Grid lines are used in accounting applications such as Google Sheets to represent the physical boundaries of cells in your sheet.

These grid methods are always popular, and one of the most popular Microsoft Excel searches is fun how to printing with gridlines. Grid lines are displayed by default in Google Sheets, and they are also typed by default. However, if deleting the maps improves the quality of your account, you may request how to do you. In Google Sheets, we will show you how to remove the lines using the instructions below.

Hide Gridlines in View Edit

By default, Google Sheets display links as you edit an account. These are the gray lines that separate each cell. When you select a cell (or multiple cells), the Dots will rotate with a blue border.

Grid lines differ from cell boundaries, which you can manually add to the cells to let them out. Deleting links in Google Sheets will not remove any cell boundaries or sort the content used to the cells in your account. Example cells in a Google Sheets account with working grid methods. If you want to keep the grid lines as you edit, however, you can.

  • Start by opening your Google Sheet account and clicking “View” from the menu bar.
  • From the “View” menu, select the “Grid Links” option to open it.
  • To activate gridlines on Google Docs, click View> Grid Lines in the Open Account page.
  • Once that is not checked, all gridlines between cells across your account will be deleted from view. You should also see a blue border around the selected cells, however.

Hide Grid Lines in Printing Documents

The above method will keep the gridlines as you edit the Google Sheets account, but not if you decide to print. When you print from Books, the grid lines will cover an area containing any empty cells, allowing you to view them separately.

  • If you want to hide the gridline from printed Google Sheets documents, however, you will need to get started by opening your account and clicking File> Print to open the list of printer settings.
  • To start printing on Google Sheets, click File> Print.
  • In the “Print Settings” menu, select the “Format” category option in the menu panel on the right. From the options listed below, uncheck the “Show Grid Lines” option.
  • In the “Printing Settings” menu, click Format> Show Links to remove the gridline that appears in your page before printing.
  • This will remove any gridlines that appear from your account during the printing process.

Confirm other print settings using the panel on the right, then check the layout of your account using the print preview panel on the left. If you are happy to continue, click “Next” to start the printing process.


Guide about How to Remove Lines from Google Sheets

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Tips to Remove Lines from Google Sheets
Tips to Remove Lines from Google Sheets
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