Tips to Remove Voice­mail Notifications on Android

Tips to Remove Voice­mail Notifications on Android

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Remove Voice­mail Notifications on Android. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Remove Voice­mail Notifications on Android

If voicemail notification on your Android smartphone just doesn’t go away and you worry, you know you’re not alone. Today this method of communication has become archaic – that is, the messages there are of no interest to anyone. So if you just want to delete the mailbox, we have good news: It is completely possible – although the method may not work with all smartphones due to model differences.

Voicemail notification on Android phones, just force notification. Press and hold notification. A small box will come out. Tap Stop Effect. If this option is not available, please follow the instructions below.

Restart it phone

Sometimes we forget that ours phones need rest too. Keeps it up phone it can permanently cause some funny issues, especially false notifications, so don’t forget to add your power phone keep every two days for a few minutes and let it rest. This will help keep it going phone running smoothly.

Check your voicemail twice

You have probably done this a hundred times before, but check three times after your power cycling (off and on) phone. If your phone still showing the voicemail message and no voicemail waiting in your inbox then proceed to the next step.

Also activate voicemail notifications

Deleting and then reactivating the “display” option under voicemail settings is an amazing idea left by Milton (a site inspector) and I really like this suggestion that I think I need to add to this guide as one of the first things to try when troubleshooting voicemail notification on an Android mobile phone.

To access the “Show notifications” settings in your voicemail application you need to access your cell phones Settings, locate and open the application manager (sometimes under the “More” tab on most Android smartphones), make sure all applications are running (you may need to scroll to a few pages of The current application that appears is under the list of applications “Download”), once you see the list of ALL your applications scroll down and find the Voicemail application, tap to open and then remove option Show notifications.

You may receive a warning letting you know that if you do this then you may miss important alerts for this app. Click Ok which will remove the check mark and activate this program; once disabled you press the option again to activate.

The App (s)

This can be a little hiccup on the Phone or the Voicemail application itself. A quick cleaning can often be very effective in solving this issue on your Android cell phone. The following advice will reset settings and data on applications (s) should not let you miss any voicemail messages stored on your wireless carrier server. Note: voicemail should be reserved by your wireless service provider and you should not miss any important voicemail by opting out phone or voicemail app data.

Start by Clearing it Phone Apparatus

Access it phones Settings (you can do this by going to it phones Home page and then clicking the Menu button), once your Settings open us and open the application manager, scroll to ALL, tap. Phone, and then click Clear data.

Then check to make sure your voicemail icon is showing correctly. If you then enjoy your smartphone and if this helps solve your case and you would like to express your appreciation then don’t forget to click Facebook Like and or Google + buttons below this article so feel free to re-post a friend’s comment in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Turn off the Voicemail application

If for some reason clearing the data on it phone app does not help then try uninstalling the Voicemail application properly.

To clear your voicemail application, the steps are similar to those used when accessing “Show notifications” feature and when clearing data on it Phone apparatus. Open your Settings> Application Manager> ALL> Voicemail> and then this time click the Clear data option.

Leave a voicemail yourself

Sounds a little strange I know, but call yourself and then send yourself a voicemail. Once you have checked your voicemail, listen to it, and then erase it. After deleting the voicemail you just left on your device (do not use voicemail to do this) then check and see if your voicemail notification icon is still displayed or if it is working normally.

Check your applications

If you have a voicemail application that you download yourself phone, try and force and / or uninstall that application, restart it phone, and see if your Android restarts normally again.

This also applies to any applications that may be downloaded at the same time considering this issue. If you record a game, workout, health, weather or other application and the information starts incorrectly then the higher worlds that it may be the application causing problems. Try stopping or uninstalling the application (I recommend you uninstall the application), reboot, and see if it still works normally.

Factory Data Tun

You may have a software virus or even a scan on your device and if you have tried the above tips and need a browser then I highly recommend that you back up all the information on it. phone and then repeat your information back to your company errors.


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