Tips to restore deleted WhatsApp photos

Tips to restore deleted WhatsApp photos

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to restore deleted WhatsApp photos. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to restore deleted WhatsApp photos

If you are a frequent WhatsApp user, you undoubtedly already know a lot of the app features; however, downloading a picture or other document file from WhatsApp may seem very difficult. When a user deletes an image via WhatsApp, for example, the file is deleted from the chat and found on it. phone’s Gallery app by default. If you find yourself in this situation, you have a few options for recovering an accidentally deleted photo.

How can I recover my WhatsApp photos and videos? You can restore your WhatsApp pictures from a backup if you delete them by mistake. Accidental loss of photos is a common occurrence, but there is no need to be upset because of WhatsApp Auto Backup feature can help you restore those photos.

How to Restore deleted WhatsApp photos

Method 1: Try to ask the media from other participants of the conversation

WhatsApp deleted photo recovery of lost media may not be easier than you think. The first step in this process is to check and see if there is someone you are talking to who has a copy of the message with the lost media attached in the conversation. For example, suppose you have uploaded an image and then deleted it yourself. There is a good chance that the recipient or several members in a group chat have a picture on them phone despite deleting for yourself.

You can easily ask another user to send the image to you or even save it on them phone. They can be sent in turn using applications such as Google Drive or Google Photos for WhatsApp deleted photo recovery in the future and even for longer and safer storage of media files.

When you select the trash can and then tap on the “Delete For Me” option, the user who downloaded the image file will stop the file. So you will not lose access to it; this means that files can be easily retrieved from them if you feel the need for it.

Method 2: Restoring WhatsApp Backup for recovering deleted WhatsApp photos

While the method mentioned above is very simple, it is not always possible to ask other users to send it back to you, and in some cases, they may have deleted the image. So, the next simplest way to WhatsApp deleted photo recovery is through backup. WhatsApp supports backup for both Android and iOS versions of the application.

These backups are available in Google Drive and iCloud, respectively. If you happen to have it, the backup will take place between the time you sent the message and its deletion. Then you can quickly go back to the backup section and restore a new backup from the WhatsApp application.

To do this, first, navigate to the Settings section of the WhatsApp application and open the Chat tab; here, look for the Chat Backup option and click on it. You will find information including details about the new backup and how often the backup is set to occur. If the image was deleted after the last backup, proceed to remove the application and reinstall WhatsApp. During the setup process, select the option to restore the backup from Google Drive or iCloud depending on your operating system.

You can go ahead with the regular removal process and then also install a new version of the new feature from the Google Play Store. Now confirm it mobile number again. You should now look to restore data from a backup if available. Get this option, then WhatsApp will restore all your messages saved on it phone while backing up.

Method 3: Check the WhatsApp media folder on it phone for whatsapp deleted photo recovery

This step is exclusive for Android users as iPhone users do not have access to browsing on their file system. By default, WhatsApp stores all images sent and received in one folder. While you can erase your picture from the chat and still have it on phone in this folder several times. So first, download a file browser application if any phone does not come with the default application. Then navigate to the WhatsApp folder in your root repository. Now find the Media folder and then the WhatsApp Pictures folder inside the Media folder.

Here you should see all the pictures you have taken in WhatsApp. There is also a folder sent in this folder which contains all the pictures you have sent in. While it may seem daunting to find a photo among thousands of photos, this method has a high success rate and is definitely worth a try. You may just be able to go with your WhatsApp photo recovery easily.

Method 4: Using the Recovery Application for WhatsApp deleted photo recovery

A simple Google search for help recovering WhatsApp pictures will show you dozens of programs that promise a solution. This may sound fun, and you may feel that this is a contrast of hope, but the truth is bitter because many of them do not work.

Just like recovering deleted text messages, most of these WhatsApp deleted photo recovery applications may not help much. Retrieving WhatsApp pictures is a bit different than retrieving text messages, but the software used is in some important cases. They require root access on Android and require you to pay a fee before installing. These WhatsApp deleted photo recovery programs are mostly similar. All they ask is to recover deleted photos and messages by installing desktop software and connecting your Android smartphone.

When you run the application, it will show no results, ask for root access, or ask you to pay before performing the task.

With the above methods mentioned, the only reliable way of recovering deleted media from WhatsApp is by having a good backup already. WhatsApp does not store any chat history on the servers, so you can not contact the company for WhatsApp deleted photo recovery of lost messages or files. Most WhatsApp deleted photo recovery programs like Recuva does not work either. These applications cannot scan modern smartphones to recover files as they do not use the USB Storage System.

Once a message is deleted, the only way to recover deleted photos or messages is if you have a backup on it phone. In this case, you can restore it quickly using the WhatsApp reset method mentioned above. However, without backup, restoring a message is awful or lost. Note that WhatsApp deleted photo recovery apps cannot make it appear out of the blue. Therefore, this is why it is important to keep a backup of your smartphone at all times.

Steps to recover deleted media:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download WhatsRemoved + from it.
  • Get permissions according to your requirements after installation on your smartphone.
  • Select WhatsApp from the list of applications that appear on your screen. The simply click yes option included Save the files and then Allow.
  • After following the steps above, a copy of your media files, chat messages will be saved in this application. After that, you can get it back anytime according to your request.

Method 5: Using WAMR WhatsApp Deleted Photo Recovery App

The WAMR application allows you to recover deleted photos and messages from your WhatsApp chat. The application backs up up all notifications one receives and also creates an automatic backup of all media. This way, if you accidentally delete all your WhatsApp media, you can still recover all of these from WAMP backup.


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Tips to restore deleted WhatsApp photos
Tips to restore deleted WhatsApp photos
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