Tips to run Plex with Amazon Echo

Tips to run Plex with Amazon Echo

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to run Plex with Amazon Echo. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to run Plex with Amazon Echo

Plex Media Server is a great way for you to access your media on different devices, regardless of location. However, as you add more content to your server it can be difficult to find the exact show or music you want. At the moment, you can now control Plex with Amazon Alexa, so you can control your device with just your voice. Recently, Plex also introduced a smart device for the Amazon Echo

For those who don’t know, Plex is a media server application that allows you to create a central hub for all your media and access it anywhere on the internet. With Plex integration for Echo, you can use Alexa voice commands to access and use your Plex media server.

Line up Up Plex server

Before you can integrate Skill Plex with your Amazon Echo, you will have to set up up Plex server on your system. This can be done very easily, and for free (unless you want extra features, in which it is $ 4.99 / month), and if you do not have a Plex server, however, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Plex website, and register up with your email. Once you sign up up, the web application will start searching for Plex servers. Click on “Download Plex Media Server”.
  • Select the download that is compatible with your operating system, and click “Download”.
  • Once the server is installed, just launch it, and on the web application you will see a set up screen. Give your server a name, and click on “Next”.
  • Then you are given the option to select the Libraries you want to add to Plex. You can easily add, or remove libraries from here. When done, click “Next”.
  • If you want to download Plex applications for yourself mobile devices, you can do so, now. Or just click on “Possible”.
  • Plex will scan your libraries, and automatically import your media into the server.

Integrate Plex with Amazon Echo

Integrating your Plex server with Echo is truly a straightforward process. Otherwise, for the sake of purity, I will do this step by step. So, you can easily follow these steps to get Plex Skill running on your Alexa Echo device:

  • Access the Amazon Echo website. Here, click on “Skills” from the sidebar.
  • Search for “Plex” in Search Methods, then press Enter.
  • Click on Skill Plex, and click “Activate”.
  • You will need to confirm your account, by logging in to the Plex website, and clicking on “Apply” button.

Using Plex Skill on Amazon Echo

With Plex Skill running on your Amazon Echo, you can do many things on your Plex server. You can ask Plex to pick up an item you have recently added, randomly pick up an event from the TV shows you have, or even allow Plex to suggest something for you to watch. There are many different rules that you will just love using on your Amazon Echo.

Change the default player

If set up Plex exactly in the way I describe it, most likely your default Plex player is set to your web browser. However, if you have multiple devices connected to your Plex server, you can set one of them as the default player.

Just say “Alexa, ask Plex to change my default player”. Echo will update all the devices connected to your Plex server, and you can change the default player to the one you want.

Change the default Plex server

If set up There are several servers on Plex, and you want to use one of them for working with your Echo, here is how you can do it easily:

Simply say “Alexa asked Plex to change my default server”. Alexa will tell you the list of available servers, and you can select the one you want, and set it as default.

Basic Plex commands for Alexa

Using your Plex server with Alexa is very easy. There is a complete list of voice commands that Plex Skill supports, and you can check it out on the official Plex website. However, here are some basic commands you can use with Skill Plex:

  • Play Music: “Alexa, tell Plex to play a song”
  • Playback Control: “Alexa, tell Plex to play / pause”
  • Get Movie / TV Show Tips: “Alexa, ask Plex to suggest something to watch”
  • Play a Special Movie / TV Show: “Alexa, ask Plex to play the Big Lebowski”
  • Continue Viewing: “Alexa, ask Plex what I am in the middle of”


Guide about How to run Plex with Amazon Echo

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