Tips to search AirTags using Android Devices

Tips to search AirTags using Android Devices

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to search AirTags using Android Devices. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to search AirTags using Android Devices

AirTags differs from other Bluetooth trackers like Tile in that they rely on Apple’s U1 chip to provide full performance. Functions are limited on the iPhone without a U1 chip and even more limited on devices that are not from Apple. You will need an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to set it up up AirTags as they need the Find Me application, which is only available for Apple devices. You will also need an iPhone, iPad or Mac to put AirTags in Lost Mode or to find your AirTags on a map, as both functions require the Find Me application.

Apple has launched an Android application called Tracker Detect that tracks trackers and works with Apple’s Find My Network. It will not do this automatically; You need to ask him to identify the trackers. If someone wants to pursue it, they can do it with an AirTag. Unless you are using an iPhone, there is no way you can find out about AirTag posted on your property to follow you. Android users have no way to find an AirTag chasing, but we found a way. You can find any AirTag nearby with an Android phone within the radar.

Using Apple’s ‘Our Server’ app on Android

Apple has taken a couple of security measures in case someone else’s AirTag finds its way into your stuff. An app, released six months after AirTags, is called “Search Tracker.” Tracker Detect is an Android application that allows users to scan their surroundings in search of nearby AirTags. Only AirTags that have made their way out of their respective areas will be discovered in the application.

This means that if someone installs an AirTag on you and walks away, after a while the AirTag will appear through the Tracker Detect application. This gives Android users the ability to check for Apple AirTags which may be an unwanted ride. It also comes in handy as a tool to help someone recover lost AirTag equipment.

Here it is how to lo o:

  • Install and open the Tracker Detect application on your Android device.
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will see a page with only one option: “Browse.” Continue and tap Checking.
  • Tracker Detect will check for any AirTags that have left their respective areas.

If Tracker Detection successfully detects an incorrect AirTag, it will suggest two options. You can perhaps learn how to remove the AirTag by removing the battery, or you can choose to learn about the tracker. The latter will give you contact information for the person who lost the AirTag, which will help you to get back to the right.

Tap to read with the NFC Android service

Another useful method that takes advantage of the built-in Android feature is the NFC signal of the Apple AirTag. Most Android devices have an NFC reader built into the back of the device. This is used to communicate with certain devices that have NFC symbols, such as payment terminals to use less contact payments.

Similarly, if an AirTag is detected, an Android user has the ability to bring the AirTag to their Android background. phone and obtain useful information. This information will always include details such as owner name, number, and maybe even address. Here it is how to do you:

  • Make sure to enable NFC.
    • You can do this by going into settings on your Android device, searching for the word “NFC”, and switching.
    • Alternatively, there is a nice world of toggle that is available in the Fast Settings in your device.
  • Hold the AirTag and gently tap on the back of your Android device.
    • Doing this will open a link on your device with the phone number and information of AirTag owner.

All in all, there are a few options available to Android users when it comes to interacting with Apple AirTags. While those options are general for the recovery of lost AirTags or the search for planted ones, the means are still at hand.


Guide about How to search AirTags using Android Devices

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