Tips to search for a song name without knowing lyrics

Tips to search for a song name without knowing lyrics

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to search for a song name without knowing lyrics. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to search for a song name without knowing lyrics

Many people listen to beautiful music while driving a car or sitting in a restaurant. You want to buy a copy of the album but you are not entitled words. So how can you find what kind of music? He heard this occasionally, but the DJ did not mention the name or title of the song. Unless you know a few words from album tracks or knowing who the artist or group is, search engines like Google or Bing will not help much. So how can you find out what that beautiful song is all about.

It happens all the time. You sit with friends at a restaurant or drive to work and there is good music playing on the FM radio station. You will want to buy a copy of this album for yourself, but the problem is that you do not get the songs. So how did you find the name of this song?

So, without any confusion, here are some different ways to identify songs without knowing the songs:

Use music identification tools such as Shazam

Our world, you are well aware of Shazam. The popular music recognition application lets you identify songs with a tap. Just click “Touch to Shazam” button and the app will start listening to the music to identify the music. Once identified, the app gives you the options to share, stream the music into a third-party music application available in your country, stream video and music when available. The app also lets you follow artists and discover new music, which makes it arguably the best music recognition tool.

Try Google Now or Siri or Cortana

Did you know that voice helpers from Android (Google Now), iOS (Siri) and Windows (Cortana) come with music recognition features built into. Yes, that’s right, they do! Here it is how to use them:

Google Baby

It is easy to identify songs in Google Now. Just say “Ok Google” to activate voice search and ask “What music is this?” or you can easily click the music icon at the bottom right when you start searching for an item. Then, Google will start listening to the song and when the song is recognized, it will bring more details about the song with the option to purchase music from Google Play Music. All your music searches are saved and you can check them out on the Google Play Audio Search page.

“What music is this?” The command brings the Music Play link only available in countries where Google Play Music is available such as US, Australia, Italy, Japan etc. If Music is not available in your country, Google Now will also recognize a song when you tap the song button but there will be no purchase link.


Apple’s Siri lets you identify songs easily, thanks to Siri-Shazam integration with iOS 8, two years ago. To get started, just ask Siri “What music is this?” or “Rename tune” and Siri will bring you the music details, along with a link to purchase from the iTunes Store.


Microsoft Virtual Assistant Cortana also enhances music recognition on Windows and Windows Phone devices. Just say “What music is this?” or simply click the tracks button at the top right is Cortana to trigger the music identity. Once the song is found in the database, Cortana will bring you the music details for you with the Groove Music purchase link.

Try typing Rhythm to identify the music

Musipedia, as the name suggests, is a Wikipedia-supported website, which allows you to search for music through different channels. Terminal features tons of searchable, editable collection of tunes. There are options to search for a song by pressing rhythm, which means you can try and match the music of the available music by pressing your keyboard in the same process. The web browser also lets you browse music through your microphone or play the flash piano to identify a song.

While it all seems cool, it is always tough to match up a drum through your keyboard. For people who are well versed with music, there is also a Keyboard search, which adapts many keyboards to the actual music keyboard for better music recognition.


Guide about How to search for a song name without knowing lyrics

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