Tips to Send Respons­es of Google Form to Various Google Sheets

Tips to Send Respons­es of Google Form to Various Google Sheets

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Send Respons­es of Google Form to Various Google Sheets. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Send Respons­es of Google Form to Various Google Sheets

If you have recently started using Google Forms to compile information for your business, organization, or group, then, at that point, you will need solutions to your form requests.

Here, we will tell you the best way to deal with your Google Form reactions. You will notice how to view, save, print, and even delete reactions on a case by case basis. In addition we will explain some of the changes you can make after sharing your form which may prove useful for surprising reactions.

Why Google Forms?

There are several benefits to using Google Forms – here are a few:

  • Complete data: if a person enters information directly in a form themselves, it is more likely to be obtained regularly (e.g. dates, spelling, phone numbers).
  • There is no need to copy-paste data: you can link your Google Forms to Google Docs.
  • Data Stability: Google Forms is a safer way to collect data than allowing more people to enter information into an account.
  • User-friendly interface: easy to use by anyone, including inexperienced users.
  • Customizable design: you can add icons, photos, and videos.
  • Sharing services: it has all the same sharing functions as Google Sheets and Docs.

If you need help designing your Google Forms, check out this step-by-step video tutorial.

Link Google Forms to Google Docs

  • You can use Google Forms as a stand-alone application; simply click on the answers tab to read all the answers directly. However, if you are collecting a lot of data from a large number of people, you should put that data in a spreadsheet, where you are ready to process and analyze.
  • Manually transferring data from Google Forms to Google Sheets is time-consuming. Instead, you can link Google Forms to Google Sheets to transfer the data automatically.
  • This also means that when the respondent submits a form, the data will appear simultaneously within the county, in particular. Here are some important things to keep in mind:
  • If you save your answers in Google Docs, they will be there even if you delete your data from the form.
  • If you change spaces within the form, these will automatically update the sheet even. However, once a form has been submitted, any data within it will not be transferred within the account.

How to send form answers to an account

Google Forms has a system that allows you to send your form responses to Google Sheets. This could be a new or existing account.

  • In the selected form, click on the answers tab.
  • Click on the three icons button located near the Google Sheets icon. Click on Select where the answers come from.
  • Here, you can choose where your answers will be. You can choose to Create a new account or Select an existing account.
  • To test whether Google Forms is successfully integrated with your account, you can click the Google Sheets icon which will take you immediately to your account where the answers are available.

How to filter answers from Google Forms to Google Sheets

  • In order to get the most out of Google Forms and Google Sheets integration, it is important to know how to automatically sort, filter, and analyze your form responses in your account.
  • Let’s say you want to send form answers to different documents based on the answer to a multiple-choice question. For this example, we want to filter data into different county tabs based on any color the respondent chooses: blue, red, green, or yellow.
  • You can use different formulas within Google Sheets to sort and filter your Google Forms responses successfully.

Use questions

  • The query service uses SQL language to select specific data. To create a new tab for each color, just follow this step by step:
  • In your form, go to the Answers tab and click the three icons. Click Select Answer Area> Create a new account.
  • Enter this new account. Open a new tab. This would be the new position for one of the specific answers, in this case, Blue.
  • In cell A1 of this new book, type the following formula:

= QUERY (‘Form Answers Form 1’! A: B, “Choose * Where B = ‘Blue'”, 1)

The following are variables in this formula that you can adjust to your own needs:

  • ‘Form Answers Form 1’: change the name of your general answers tab on the counters
  • A: B: switch to cell size of data in your general answers tab
  • “Select” Where B =: switch to a column of cells with your multiple choice answers
  • ‘Blue’: switch to the answer name you want to filter Repeat this for other tabs, including other colors.

Use Filters

  • Alternatively, you can use the filter formula in Google Sheets to sort your form responses. Simply create a new tab and enter the following formula into cell A1:

= FILTER (‘Forms 1’! A1: B10, ‘Forms 1’! B1: B10 = “Blue”)

  • Again, you can modify the variables in this formula to suit your own needs.

How to merge answers from different forms into one tab in Google Sheets

  • When you send data from multiple Google Forms into Google Docs, you save the answers to each form in a separate tab. But what if you wanted to combine the answers of two forms together in one tab?
  • Let’s say you are a sales manager who manages a team of 10 sales reps. As soon as your editors submit their forms, the results will populate your account as 10 different tabs. But you want the results in one tab, ready to analyze the data.
  • The Sheetgo no automation code application allows you to merge multiple tabs into one tab in a few clicks button.

Here it is how to do you

  • Install Sheetgo for Google Sheets. Open the account where you want the mixed answers to be. In this example, we want to create tabs merged in the same file as individual response tabs.
  • Click on the list of plugins> Sheetgo> Start.
  • The Sheetgo application should appear on the right side of your screen. Under the Import Data section, click Select Data.
  • To merge multiple tabs, select Multiple Files from the Select data source section.
  • Insert file and tab names for each response form.
  • Under the Storage section, create a new tab for your integration data. Click Finish and save.
  • Your form answers should now be under one tab.


Guide about How to Send Respons­es of Google Form to Various Google Sheets

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