Tips to Start GTA 5 Contract

Tips to Start GTA 5 Contract

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Guide: How to Start GTA 5 Contract

The contract is valid from today. Like other content updates to the game before, the Convention allows players around the world to make money in new ways, although this time they will be partnering with real stars and one of the main characters from GTA V, Franklin. In the traditional GTA Online style, all gamers need some money to get started. The first time the cast came in after the latest update release from GTA Online, they should get a call from Lamar Davis letting them know they have a friend looking for a job. That friend was Franklin, but in order to work for the hustler who became the chief executive, the actors had to buy the agency property.

Agency properties are located all over Los Santos and cost over $ 2 million, which requires a fairly high investment from players a start. Once the agency has purchased the building, the players can meet Franklin and start some basic questions of the Convention that require the players to fight the battles or kill groups of enemies.

How to start Convention in GTA Online

First, get out of the game and make sure you have downloaded the latest patch update for GTA Online. It is about 4GB across all platforms. Then in the game, to start DLC missions in GTA Online, all you need to do is unlock it phone and open sponsored ads for Dynasty8 Executive. You will have the option to purchase a Company from the account.

Where to Find Agency in GTA Online – Company Charges

As with any legitimate business in GTA Online, system up The agency needs money, and a lot of it. After you are loaded into the game, open your iFruit phone, open the internet, and go to Dynasty8 Executive. Here you will find 4 new Company locations that you can buy. Ready, because at least it is also worth more than $ 2 million bucks:

  • Small Seoul – $ 2,010,000
  • Vespucci Canals – $ 2,145,000
  • Rockford Hills – $ 2,415,000
  • Hawick – $ 2,830,000

Next, there is a whole bunch of upgrades that you can buy for your Agency. The maximum amount you can spend on each is below:

  • Photo – $ 340,000
  • Wallpaper – $ 442,500
  • Target – $ 100,000
  • Armor – $ 720,000
  • Accommodation – $ 275,000
  • Vehicle Training – $ 800,000

Where to find the latest services in GTA Online’s Contract Update

With your Agency up-and-task, now it’s time to take some action. You can access the latest drop-in services with the DLC Convention by visiting your Home Office, viewing the show hack event, and then interacting with laptop in the office area. Remember, to get services from one of your businesses, you need to make sure that Passive Mode is secure and you register as the Business Manager. If you are playing in public, you may need to find a new one if you have reached the maximum number of branded CEOs.


Guide about How to Start GTA 5 Contract

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