Tips to Stop Spam Callers from leaving Voicemail

Tips to Stop Spam Callers from leaving Voicemail

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Guide: How to Stop Spam Callers from leaving Voicemail

Preventing spam calls is advanced, with many transfers adding STIR / SHAKEN (more on that below) and transfer-based methods of stopping spam callers from reaching you phone. However, even with the most advanced programs, it is clear from our reader comments and experience that many spam callers still get through. If you do not answer those calls, they will send you unwanted messages about the warranty service or the holiday team members.

Unfortunately, it prevents spammers from leaving a voicemail on it phone can be difficult. We look at each of the living worlds and try a few different call prevention tools to find out what works best. Here are the features and restrictions of each option for blocking spam calls and voicemail directly through it phone, through your carrier, or through a third-party software.

How to do you

Interrupting calls on iPhones (but not voicemail)

On iPhones running iOS 8 or higher, go to the Recent Calls tab Phone app, click the “i” icon to the right of the number you want to block. If the number is in the Contacts list, open that contact page in the Contacts application. From the contact page for the caller or contact, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Prohibit this Caller.

But this approach has two drawbacks. First, someone has to call you to block the number. And as long as spammers rarely use the same number, or use the “neighborhood giving” process (where they use your area code and forecast number three), this will not prevent most spam calls from being received. Second, blocked calls still go to voicemail, though theses voicemail shows up in the “Blocked Messages” folder at the bottom of the list of your voicemail and you will not receive a notification.

You can also choose to silence unknown callers – anyone who does not list in your iPhone Contacts. Your iPhone will not ring, but calls will appear up in recent calls and you will find a voicemail in your regular voicemail inbox.

Blocking Calls on Android Phones (and voicemail on Pixel)

Android has built-in call restriction, similar to iOS. Just enter a number in your call account and hit Block / spam account. And like Apple, this method has two same returns – the spammer has to call his first and the blocked caller also goes to voicemail.

Android also has an option in these Phone app settings to automatically identify and block suspected spam calls so that they do not interfere with your device’s sound. It should be turned on by default, but you can check by going to “Settings” in it Phone app, then “Spam and Call Screen,” and make sure that “View Caller & Spam ID” is turned on. This feature still sending those calls to voicemail, however.

If you have a Google Pixel phone, you can choose to have Google Assistant answer the suspected spam call and repeat the conversation in real time, so you can decide whether you want to answer the call or not. up. And that since Google Assistant has already taken over up call, chicken up will not be sent to the voicemail. To turn it on, go to “Settings” in it Phone app, then “Spam and Call Screen,” and make sure that “View Caller & Spam ID” is turned on. Click “Call Screen.” Under “Unknown call settings,” type the callers you want to screen “Spam,” “Possible numbers,” “First time callers,” and “Private or hidden.”

Spam Prevention Apps for Android & iOS

There are dozens of apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play that are labeled as call blockers. But you have to be very careful about which one you install – you are giving them full access to yours phone, text, contacts and more, meaning there is a lot of potential for abuse. And each of those applications will do just as well as the technology (and the blacklist) running it. Even, while these applications will stop calls, due to restrictions placed on apps by Android and iOS systems, most will not stop those calls from going to voicemail.

However, the Call Control application for Android will prevent robocalls from leaving voicemail. Calls on your block list, local pickup calls and calls identified by the local ban by Call Control are just dropped – no ring, no mailbox filling up with difficulty it has to be erased. At $ 29.99 per year, it is not cheap, but that is in line with other major call blockers, such as Hiya or Truecaller, which do not offer voice-blocking capabilities. Call control does not have a free gift, which prevents neighborhood spoofing numbers but not numbers on the local list; If most of the calls you receive are of various types, you can get away with this option.

Unsurprisingly, Call Control for iOS does not offer voicemail blocking due to Apple’s restrictions on access to iOS devices, so it is best done with Hiya & or Truecaller, which has larger area blockchain lists. Personally, I like Hiya which is a white label of its technology to Samsung, AT&T and others, has a black list of extended area, allows to block local calls, and even provides caller ID. features you always have to pay for it with your provider. Rent is $ 2.99 per month or $ 14.99 per year.

Blocking by Google Voice

Google Voice provides another way to block pesky spam calls and prevent them from going to voicemail. Them trick Do you need to switch to Google Voice as your primary number and stop giving your old carrier number. With Voice, you can block spam calls identified in three ways: by sending the calls to voicemail, by treating the call as spam (letting the caller leave the voicemail but marked as spam) or by blocking the call ( in which the caller will hear a “No phone number” message and will not be able to leave a voicemail).

The big drawback here is that your Google Voice number now becomes your number one, which forwarded to that number from your provider, and you need to use the Google Voice app as your first complete application on it. phone. And there is no guarantee that spam callers will not call your carrier number directly, either because you have been there (learn how hackers get your number) or simply because the robodialer goes through the whole number collection.

Block level of living

Truly effective call interruption and voicemail prevention need to be at the carrier level – it is the carriers who have the technical ability to identify the source of the call and create services that prevent spam and calls from going to voicemail (because they are the ones in control. voicemail service). Under the effective TRACED Act last year, hackers can finally block suspicious spam calls before they reach your device.

The FCC has also been working with vehicles for years to implement a technology called STIR / SHAKEN, which guarantees calls. When a call is made, the caller ID is “approved” as valid and validated at every step of the way, as it goes from network to network, before it reaches you. Special transfers have implemented SIR / SHAKEN and they start to appear when a number is verified. This may indicate up such as “verified number,” “certified caller,” or “valid number.”

On iPhones running iOS 13 or higher, you will see a check mark under Calls in the list of recently confirmed calls. Currently, the absence of these certificates does not mean that the number is corrupted. It just means that the marked numbers have been successfully verified all the way through the call route and you can know that the number is not salty.

Your provider may soon start blocking unauthorized calls. According to a recent FCC statement (PDF document), “Beginning September 28, 2021, if an item service provider’s certificate does not appear in the database, intermediate and audio service providers will be prohibited from receiving direct service provider information. ” This could be a huge improvement, as nearly 95 percent of all robocalls are generated on small networks, according to a recent study by Business Network Services, an anti-robocalling technology company. We will have to see how robocallers perform.


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