Tips to Supercharge Bookmarks on Chrome Browser

Tips to Supercharge Bookmarks on Chrome Browser

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Guide: How to Supercharge Bookmarks on Chrome Browser

Websites have changed in important ways over the years, such as when websites became full-fledged applications, but one thing that has not changed is our reliance on bookmarks. If all you need is a list of items grouped into folders, a basic bookmarks manager in your browser will suffice. Check out these three bookmark power tools if you want to take your bookmarks to the next level with a beautiful design, definitions, or notes.

Dewey Bookmarks (Chrome Extension)

For easier, more visual ways to navigate your browser bookmarks, try extending Chrome Dewey Bookmarks. Dewey displays your bookmarks in a grid with each bookmark appearing as a card with a site title or webpage, its own folder, and an image.

You can sort the grid by date, title, or web address. Scroll over a bookmark and you will see a pencil icon that allows you to edit the bookmark title or URL, add a tag, or delete it. The only thing you can’t do with Dewey is change the folder type of your bookmark belongs to.


Another popular option for managing bookmarks is Evernote, olokikiber’s popular note taking service. Evernote gives you more control and control over your bookmarked content. At the same time, however, Evernote introduces a degree of complexity in bookmarking, because it is not a viable option for the fast links you use on a daily basis.

My bookmarks bar, for example, has a quick link to the PCWorld content management system, a site I visit several times a day. That is not something I want to sit at Evernote because I will have to open another app to get the bookmark I always need. Not real.

What you can do is use Evernote for search-based bookmarks. If you are planning a vacation, for example, Evernote is a great option to store bookmarks for hotels, travel destinations, restaurants, and so on.

To use Evernote for search bookmarks, you will need to install an additional web clipper of the service. This will allow you to save an entire webpage or parts of it directly to Evernote from your browser.

Then, with your search bookmarks in Evernote, you can take advantage of that much of the work features, including notes, tagging, searching, voice notes, and sharing.

Chrome Bookmark Manager

At the end of 2014, Google launched its own livestock.up Add a bookmark manager in the Chrome Web Store. The new bookmarks manager uses Google’s popular application development tool and the interface will be immediately recognizable to anyone who uses Chrome web applications regularly.

On the left, you have a navigation panel with the names of your bookmarks folders. The first part of the bookmarks manager displays your bookmarks in a card body similar to Dewey. Click the vertical menu icon on each card and you will see options to edit the title, URL, add a note, or add it to a new folder.

Once the bookmarks extension has been installed, navigate to chrome: // bukumaaki to control them.


Guide about How to Supercharge Bookmarks on Chrome Browser

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Tips to Supercharge Bookmarks on Chrome Browser
Tips to Supercharge Bookmarks on Chrome Browser
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