Tips to switch from iPhone to Android

Tips to switch from iPhone to Android

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Guide: How to switch from iPhone to Android

It has an iPhone, but that Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone is calling its name. However jumping out of the Apple basket of proverbs and into the robotic arms of Google feels powerful, if not dangerous. Believe it or not, the process is quite simple. Switching from Android to iOS can be tough — you never switch to a new device, you switch to a completely new operating system. But it turns out that change can be the simplest part. Back in 2015, Apple introduced one of only two apps that let Android users download, called Move to iOS (another app is Apple Music).

The Transfer to iOS aims to help Android users easily swap to iPhone without losing their important data, such as contacts, photos, calendar, and more. Switching apps is an important part, but there are a few other steps to take before you can get started with your new iPhone.

In this guidea shows you how to switch from iPhone to Android device. We start with the simplest method and then explain how to manually move specific items if you do not need everything gathered under the beautiful screen of the iPhone. After that, we will introduce it to Android systems.

Back up data on Google Drive

The Google Drive application makes it easy to transfer three key types of data from iOS to Android: your contacts, your calendar and your camera roll. Simply install the application, log in to your Google account (or create a new one if you do not already have one) and then go into Settings> Backup. If you do not want to back up a specific type of data, such as your calendar, then you can switch it off here.

Be careful of the photo section, because there are two options here: if you want to save your photos in original quality, they will be read to the end of your Google Drive storage. If you choose High Quality instead of quality it will decrease (yes, it is confusing) but the difference is not noticeable and you get endless storage for those photos. If you want to get a little lower quality, Google offers unlimited photo storage. If you want to publish their launches it will be out of your storage partition.

You will not be able to return up iCloud documents using this method. For that, you will have the best chance of downloading these documents to a computer, then uploading them to Google Drive manually.

Back up or upload your photos

When you activate your new Android phone, you will have the option to sync it to your old iPhone over Wi-Fi or USB. At that point, you can manually transfer all of your iPhone photos (and other files) to your new phone.

If you have gigabytes of photos, the transfer can take hours and delay your play with your new phone. Thanks to our various methods to increase this process, one of which is the Google Drive backup option above. If you keep your photos current up on iCloud, resetting your iPhone can cause all of your photos to be deleted. So you should consider transferring your iCloud photos to Google Photos.

The Google Photos application is very versatile where you will store your new Android photos, and your AI tools for editing and enhancing photos are extremely useful. Even if you do not use iCloud, you should consider downloading the Google iOS Photos app and supporting it directly up your photos to it before transferring your other data. You can also fast up this process by deleting your iPhone photos in bulk before backing them upnitorinaa saves the ones you really want to keep.

Change your contacts

If you do not want to go through the Google application, you can manually export your contacts from your computer. If you use iCloud Sync for your data – and you almost do, because it is by default – you can log in to and export data from there. To export your contacts, go to the Contacts section and look for the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen. Click it, select Select All, then click again and select vCard Export. This will download a vCard file to your computer.

Now, go to and log in. Look at the bottom left of the screen where you will see the signed links. Click on that to select the recently downloaded vCard file. If you do not lose up your contacts before exporting them you can edit any copies by clicking on Merge and Fix. This allows Google to check your contacts for copies and for the most part up-to-date contact information. You can even export contacts: use the search field to find the contacts you want to export then click on settings> Select All> Export vCard.

Transfer your music

If you use a music streaming service for your music library, you do not need to worry: Spotify, Apple Music and all the rest have an Android application, so you can easily download them and start streaming. Apple Music for Android is also useful if you have a large iTunes library. Subscribe to Apple Music and select iTunes Match, and Apple will publish a list of the songs you have, then allow you to download them on your devices – including your new Android phone.

You can also transfer your Apple music for Mac / Windows library to YouTube Music. With that link, log in to your Google account, and from there you can easily drag and drop your Apple Music / iTunes .m4a files. They will be uploaded to your account, at which point you can listen to them all via the YouTube Music app. Keep in mind that, as with Apple Music, you will need to subscribe to YT Music to listen easily to your library.

If you are hoping to move your iTunes / Apple Music playlists to a new streaming application, services like Soundiiz or My Music Tune can help streamline that process. If you want to keep your local music files on Android, wait until it is fully set up up his phone. Then you will want to download a third-party application that specializes in local music files, then connect it phone to your computer and transfer your music files manually.

The best payment option is Poweramp, a very popular music application that supports many file types and has strong EQ settings. For convenience, free option, try GO Player.

Synchronize your iPhone and Android phone

Now that is supported up your files, you are ready to start the program up Your Android phone. Turn it on and follow the steps provided. Whether you are using Pixel, Galaxy, OnePlus or something, at some point you will be asked if you want to copy applications and data from the old phone to a new one. Samsung, for example, has a tool called Smart Switch that facilitates iPhone-to-Android transfer, while Google would like to import files from Drive.

At this point, you will have the option to connect your two phones via the Monomono-to-USB-C cable – or more likely, the USB to USB-C adapter is connected to the Apple USB charging cable. If you do not have these, you can instead connect two devices over a shared Wi-Fi network.

You can then select the type of data you want to transfer from iOS to Android. Hope you have been inspired up most of your data so this will not take too long; however, this is handy due to your Android phone can detect all downloaded iOS apps, then offer to automatically download all available Android apps to your Drawer App.

Access / download your replacement materials

Most of the great hitter apps you know and love from iOS are available on Android, although both ecosystems have their differences. iOS has Apple Arcade; Android is Google Play Pass. If you choose to import your iOS applications to Android, you should compare your list of applications on both phones and make sure they all move well. If they do not, you will need to go to the Google Play Store and start searching for changes.

Some of your iOS apps will not move automatically because they pay for apps. In most cases, the app you buy on iOS will not be available for free on Android – so the game you paid $ 4.99 for in the iOS App Store will be another $ 4.99 if you want to play it on Android.

However, some apps may just be exclusive to iOS, in which case you will need to find the right application to take over your site. We have got the best Android apps to replace them, set to photography, design, curriculum, sports, fitness, music, production, customization, and weather.

Synchronize your browser bookmarks

If you are already using Chrome on iOS to sync with Chrome on your desktop computer, you do not need to worry about this step. But if you have used the stock Safari browser on your iOS device you will need to export your bookmarks. Safari syncs with the desktop feature, so go into that and select File> Export Bookmarks. You can then import them into Chrome on your desktop, which will sync with Chrome on your Android device.

It is important to note that this will not export saved passwords or autofill entries, so make sure you have a record of any passwords you need to keep. Always make sure that you’ve disabled Find My Phonewole out of iCloud and erase all of your data before selling or passing your iPhone or iPad on.

Turn off iMessage

If you change your SIM card and phone number on Android phone without turning off iMessage, then your new one phone may have trouble receiving text messages from other iPhones. Essentially, Apple will reconsider it phone The number belongs to the iPhone, so texts sent from iMessage will only be read in iMessage – which is not available on Android.

If you follow us guide, you should also have your iPhone. Go into it phone Set and scroll down to find both ‘Messages’ and ‘FaceTime’. In both menus, change the option to switch both Off. This will allow your future phone from any weird Apple mix-ups.

If you have already deleted or traded in it phone, do not be discouraged. Go to Apple’s Deregister iMessage page and type it phone number near the bottom of the page. You will receive a 6-digit verification code; left, and Apple will do something on the back to allow its new one phone from the iPhone icon.

Turn off Find my iPhone, then wipe it

If you are moving all your belongings because you are selling or lending your device, it is important that you do two things: Keep Finding Me Phone, and factory-reset your iPhone. If you have not done so before, then the next person will not be able to use the device; if you do not do the latter, it is a potential private disaster.

We can not stress this enough: do not clean it phone until you are sure you have everything you need on your new device. Turn off an iPhone or iPad by default, so it is always wise to check everything completely first.

When you are sure everything is fine, go to Settings and enter your profile information at the top. Now, tap Find Me and set Find Me Phone to ‘turn off’. Return to the main Settings menu, scroll down to General and tap on Configure. Now, tap on Erase All Content and Settings.


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Tips to switch from iPhone to Android
Tips to switch from iPhone to Android
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