Tips to Take and Save Notes in Firefox Browser

Tips to Take and Save Notes in Firefox Browser

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Take and Save Notes in Firefox Browser. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Take and Save Notes in Firefox Browser

Sometimes it is easier to make the right notes in a browser instead of opening a separate program or a text file. With applications and extensions that have been tested for Google Chrome, this is possible. Now it’s time to see what Firefox has to offer.

These note taking extensions are functional and complicated from simple snippets to full note management. They can be inserted through the official Firefox plugins page by clicking on the familiar green “Add to Firefox” button if not mentioned differently. All of the extensions were tested using Firefox 34.0.5, although they should work with even earlier versions.

How To Do It

1. FloatNotes

FloatNotes is useful addon that combines ease of use with advanced features. The one he is most interested in supports the Markdown reading of his notes. Apart from this, FloatNotes can remember the exact location of the notes on a particular webpage and save the notes only for specific web pages. This means you can comment on any website, save your comments in FloatNotes and return to them whenever you reload that page. It is also possible to have a note appear on all web pages or only on small pages of the selected area.

Notes can be moved, edited and reduced to keep them on track. To make a note “sticky” (ie let it stay in the same position while scrolling), you can give it by tapping on the note border and pressing the PIN button. To edit a note, just double click (the red border indicates the editing mode is activated). Dialog Preferences lets you make basic adjustments to the size, color and font of your notes. You can also activate the option to store all notes with one click.

If you find yourself creating dozens of notes, you can easily manage them from the Notes Manager, where you can find notes, edit their appearance and even level-delete them. Last but not least, FloatNotes supports Firefox Sync, which means you can access your notes from any device that has Firefox on it.

2. Note (QuickFox)

QuickFox takes synchronization one step further by introducing support for Dropbox, Google Docs, Sugarsync and Evernote. You can import and export notes to those services, as well as email and print them directly from QuickFox.

3. Internote

Internote is very similar to FloatNotes, so if one of the two does not work for one reason, you can just switch to the other addon. Upon installation, Internote will include a menu in “Tools” from which you can access all your options.

Notes can be a specific webpage or global (visible everywhere), and you can move and scale them with the mouse. It is possible to reduce notes, print them and export them to HTML, text, and bookmarks. You can also tweak their appearance – change size, color, default mode and translucency. Translucent notes can overlap however appear “through” themselves, and Internote even supports some animations.

Finally, there is a Note Manager which lets you search notes by content topics and edit properties for each note, including their location, color and visual worlds.

Internote is not original, but it is stable and visually appealing enough to be a decent note retrieval solution for Firefox.


Guide about How to Take and Save Notes in Firefox Browser

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