Tips to Take and Save Notes On Chrome Browser

Tips to Take and Save Notes On Chrome Browser

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Take and Save Notes On Chrome Browser. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Take and Save Notes On Chrome Browser

Google Docs is not the best document collection program, I finally discovered. It is very foolish to write short notes on a project or amazing things I saw during the day. So I went to the Chrome Web Store and found a solution that was easy to use, had only the capabilities I needed, and was easy to install (synchronization and login are not necessary). Skeuomorphic patterns were immediately removed. Here are four Chrome apps and extensions to consider if you need a quick and easy way to make notes.

How to do you

Google Keep

With Google Keep, you can create notes with color code synced from Chrome to the Google Keep application for Android or for iOS. It is a Chrome application – not an extension – that runs in a separate window. For Type-B with proximity for color coding, Let it set background colors for your notes and add icons for easy selection.

Google Keep also supports checklists, but feature is all-or-nothing – you cannot highlight, say, a few things under the heading “Things to do today” and only those things take care of the checkbox. Instead, the header and all the other lines of the note receive check boxes.

Other features along with:

  • Sharing notes via email.
  • Adding pictures to notes.
  • Setting up reminders.
  • Copy notes to Google Docs. (Curiously, a checklist on Google Keep becomes a bullet list in Google Docs.)


Papier is for many minimalist types. No account required. Never mobile synchronization. No sharing. No lists. In fact, just a long note.

Once you have installed the extension, just open a new tab in Chrome and Papier is available. Reading options are minimal: bold, italics, underline and strikethrough. And there is a night mode that puts white text into a dark background so it is easy on the eyes.

Your notes are automatically saved. Just close the Papier tab and when you open another new tab, your notes will also appear, just like you left them.

Sticky notes

Sticky Notes is a Chrome extension similar to Papier. It offers only one note no synchronization, no sharing, no lists and no need to create an account.

Instead of using the new tab, Sticky Notes installs a button to the right of Chrome’s URL bar. Click on to play up your note. You can choose between six sizes for the note page. There are also six background color options, the smallest attraction being the default beige color.

The formatting options are only font and font size, but they are universal. That is, you cannot have a header in a larger font size and text below it in a smaller font size or in a different font style.

Working Flowy

WorkFlowy takes the hierarchical structure seriously. This Chrome application introduces a blank canvas where you can create lists that seem simple. But when you start clicking around (or watching some videos into WorkFlowy) you will realize that these are not just print lists. By clicking on a bullet, you can “zoom” into an object to add even more information.

Like Papier, WorkFlowy is a long list, but configuration options make it more useful for managing multiple projects.

To use the app, you will need an account. Once you have signed up up, you can sync notes with WorkFlowy Android or iOS application. You can also share notes, add tags, mark items as complete and search by keyword.

There is no reminder tool, but you can use tags such as #today or # tomorrow, for example, to keep track of when things go wrong.


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