Tips to turn on offline access to Google Drive docs on Mac

Tips to turn on offline access to Google Drive docs on Mac

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to turn on offline access to Google Drive docs on Mac. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to turn on offline access to Google Drive docs on Mac

With Google Drive, you can access all your documents from any computer or mobile device you have signed in to your Google Account. This makes working fully in the cloud a great option. You can store your work on your work PC and return it home later or make changes on it phone. As long as you have an internet connection, it is very easy. The difference comes when you lose your connection.

There will be times when you do not have access to the internet but still need to edit a page. If you are on a plane or the internet is down, all your work will be painfully inaccessible. Luckily, there are a few quick steps you can take so you can continue using Google Docs and still have access to all your files even when you are offline.

Install Google Chrome

Google Chrome is essential before using Google Docs offline. Although you may not want to have another web browser on your Mac, the ease and security of one addresses the problem. That said, Google Chrome is quite easy to install on Mac. Download the Chrome installer file and open it. Then, drag and drop the Chrome application to the Applications folder. Open Chrome, and you can choose to register with your Google account at the browser level if you want to set up Chrome sync.

Alternatively, you can use a browser without logging into it. It will help if you disable Allow Chrome Access feature (Settings> Google Sync and Services> Install Chrome). If you do not, Chrome will automatically log in at the browser level as soon as you log in to Google Docs later.

Chrome will also prompt you to set it as the default browser. It is up to you to decide if you want to do that. If you like your current browser for your primary browsing services, you can use a Chrome for running on Google Docs.

Include Offline Extension of Google Docs

After installing Google Chrome, you must install the Google Docs offline extension to the browser. As its name implies, the extension allows you to use Google Docs Offline. It is only available for Chrome, but you can also install it on other Chrome based browsers as you will later. Head into the Chrome Web Store, search for ‘Google Docs Offline’ (or click the download button) button above). Then, click Add to Chrome to add an extension to Chrome. Once you have done that, you are ready to start using Google Docs offline. But, you must first activate the function.

Activate Google Offline

Put Google Docs into a new Chrome tab and access Google Docs. If you are already logged into Chrome at the browser level, you do not have to log in to Google Docs again.

On the Google Docs dashboard, select 3 stacked rows to the left of the screen. Then, select the option marked Settings. On the pop-up settingsup that shows up, Turn on next to Offline. Finally, click OK to activate the offline function in Google Docs. The web application will start to cache most recent documents offline.

That means you can compile the Google Docs web application in Chrome and start working on your documents. Offline Google Docs extension will save your changes offline. Once you reconnect to the internet, your changes will automatically sync with Google Drive.

Google Docs also lets you continue working if a connection is dropped between working on a document. Again, the web application will save your changes offline and publish them as soon as you re-link. However, you cannot create new Google Docs documents while you are offline.

Selecting Chrome Browser

If you prefer another Chromium-based web browser on Chrome (such as Microsoft Edge, Opera GX, or Vivaldi), you can use Google Docs offline.

Start by installing Google Docs Offline Extension from above. Chromium-based browsers support Chrome Web Store extensions, so you have no trouble installing them.

Follow by adding User-Proxy Switch and Administrator extension. That allows you to browse like Chrome by changing the user agent string. Once you have done that, select the User-Agent Switcher icon and the File icon and set the user assistant cable to Chrome — you can do that for a tab or browser in general.

Once you have done that, you can activate the offline functionality by dipping into the Google Docs Settings pane. You can then work in Google Docs even after losing Internet connectivity.

However, the fact that you must set up a regular user interface of the browser to Chrome, combined with the fact that the Google Docs Offline extension is not officially supported, could put your work at risk. Therefore, it is best to use Chrome itself to run Google Docs offline, if possible.

Set the page as Offline

In addition, Google Docs allows you to set any page to be always offline. To do so, click the triangle next to a page within the Google Docs dashboard and turn it next to Offline Access. Alternatively, you can do that while working on a document – open the File menu and select Make Offline.


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