Tips to Use Adobe Photoshop on Android Devices

Tips to Use Adobe Photoshop on Android Devices

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Guide: How to Use Adobe Photoshop on Android Devices

Adobe offers many Photoshop applications for Android that you can use to touch up, combine, create, and much more. However, the official Photoshop Android apps are not the only App Store that allows you to “photoshop” your images. Of the many photo editing applications for Android, some are better than others, and more importantly, some applications like Photoshop have some of the same tools.

In other words Photoshop application for Android should not only be your typical photo editor that supports cutting and color corrections, but rather advanced photo editor with Photoshop-specific features such as layers and tools such as stamps, background wipes, and more.


Snapseed is Google’s professional photo editing app. It is very famous to be the best free Photoshop option on Android. The application features can face the ones you will see on full-featured desktop app. It has 29 tools and commands, including advanced options such as healing, glossy corners, tonal contrast, and automatic image rotation.

Snapseed can open both RAW and JPEG files. You can even edit RAW DNG files and save them non-destructive or as JPEG export.


Pixlr is well established as one of the best alternatives to Photoshop on Android. The most important selling point of the application is the magnificent size of the licenses, effects, and overlays — in total, more than two million combinations.

You will also have access to a typical suite of basic repair tools such as seed and rolling pin, and tools such as red eyeliner, gloss paint, and white teeth. Anyone familiar with Photoshop will be happy to learn that Pixlr also supports layers, allowing you to mix multiple photos together easily.

A word of warning, however. Recently Pixlr introduced a free paid ad. Unsurprisingly, users say that the number of ads on the free version has increased significantly since the launch of the payment feature.


If you want to “photoshop” your own selfies, AirBrush is a great tool. Will let you keep the wrong hair, cover up blemishes, and add a sparkle to your smile, all with the slightest touch of your finger. You will get the same results as you did on Photoshop, but with a lot of effort.

AirBrush also promotes many beauty licenses. They can add makeup to a face, add new makeup, and more. Remember that Airbrush is not full-featured Photo editor. If you are on the lookout for a powerful Photoshop alternative, you should look elsewhere.


Fotor is similar to Pixlr – it is a cloud-based image editor close to Photoshop surprisingly in terms of features and activity. You can adjust brightness, contrast, satisfaction, shadows, highlights, noise, and angles with ease.

You will also find many features it is aimed at casual users. They include borders and stickers, dozens of effects (such as film, nostalgic, retro, and kaleidoscope), and personalized collections.

Beginners will appreciate Fotor’s heart rate imaging enhancements. There are 13 exercise enhancement tools for you to dig into. They will let you tweak light, shadows, colors, and much more. And if you are smart enough, Fotor even provides a way for you to monetize your images through a photo gallery on PxBee.


PhotoDirector is a popular Photoshop Android replacement that has grown in popularity over the past two years. All normal features come; you can upload, edit, and customize your images with many tools and commands.

Special tools include animation, photo animation, red-eye removal, masks, and even a built-in sensor. Again, the app will appeal to beginners thanks to your heart rate towards photo editing. You can remove objects from images, adjust noise, and much more, even if you do not have any professional-level skills.


Have you ever taken a great photo of your family or friends, only to be spoiled by the background of the photo? PhotoLayers lets you remove photobombers, cars, or garbage cans from the back of your photo, then use a completely new one. You can even combine up to 11 photos to create a single photomontage of your best shots.

Sadly, although PhotoLayers is great for background removal, it is not very powerful as a photo editor all around. Sure, there are some tweaks (such as color tones) to pop up your image, but you won’t find the advanced tools included in other apps on this list.

Photo Editor

Photo editor supports basic adjustments such as hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness. It also provides tools to adjust your gamma photo, better colors using views, edit photos’ backlight, tweak and red face, and many more side by side.

The app also lets you add text, frames, and even save your creations as animated GIFs – all of which help incorporate human splash into your edits. You can save your images in multiple formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, and PDF), edit JPEGs quality, and edit EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata.


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