Tips to Use B612 Cam­era App

Tips to Use B612 Cam­era App

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Use B612 Cam­era App. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Use B612 Cam­era App

The B612 is a selfie app dedicated to ILA, the company behind ILA’s popular messenger app. Their messenger service is already very popular, because many people consider it as an alternative to WhatsApp. It is not a killer WhatsApp or Skype, although it has all the advantages of these two popular communication tools. LINE already has a camera app and photo editor called LINE Camera on offer. The new messenger app is a selfie app ready from LINE. B612 uses only the front camera to take exceptional selfies.

The B612 is a simple selfie application with some nice commands. Photos taken with the B612 instant selfie app will not be saved directly to the showroom. You have to enter the record button to save a selfie taken. This reduces the risk of unwanted photos being eaten up your own phone memory. The B612 selfie app makes it easy to create photo collages with front camera. This means you can create selfie photo collages in no time.

The B612 boasts of having 53 licenses, and indeed, some of them are impressive. Some licenses are made for selfies that know your crystal clear. Unlike other similar devices, the B612 is incredibly simple. It has a clean user interface and offers only features pe selfie camera app needed. Swipe across your image to change the commands, choose the best one, and tap to take your beautiful selfie. Try B612 by LINE if you are looking for a unique tool for renting and sharing personalities.

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How to Lo B612 Camera App on it phone

Use Filters

  • Filter is one of the most useful features on camera app and you can easily select and select the best filter mode for the best view. Alternatively, you can click the Filter icon in the lower right corner and select the one you want.

Adjust Vinegar Filters

  • While taking a selfie or photo from the background camera, you can set the filter intensity manually according to your preference. Drag the bar down left or right to see real-time effects. Once you have set the scene, click the eye icon to adjust the beauty level and then take the picture.

Set Your Favorites

  • If you like a specific filter on the application and use most of that filter, you can set the filter directly to the favorites list. Just one tap on the filter and it will be marked as a favorite. Thus, whenever you go to filter mode, the favorite filter will appear to you with a star icon on top of it.

Turn on Auto Save

  • If you take a lot of selfies or pictures from the background camera using the B612 application on your device, you can easily turn on the Auto Save option. As the name suggests, all images taken will be automatically saved to the device storage.

Edit Beauty Mode

  • Not only can you take pictures in Beauty modes, but you can also use Details, Makeup, Skin Options to customize each and every level of the image. How To Choose And Customize Slim, Chin, Eyes, Large, Length, Reduce, Lip, etc. according to your desire.
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Create a Collection of Images

  • To select and create the best memory with multiple photos, you can use the thumbnail mode in the B612 application. To do so, tap on the image conversion option and then swipe to the left. This will bring a lot of compilation options. Just select one and take pictures or select pictures from the gallery to complete the collage.

Save High Definition Pictures

  • Often, you can save pictures in HD quality from B612 camera app. Meanwhile, if your device supports HD + resolution images to capture and save in the gallery application, you can also. Just go to B612 camera app settings> turn on high-toggle.

Save Information Status

  • You can also insert location information into images taken from the B612 application directly by turning on location information feature. Go to B612 camera app Settings> enable toggle location details.

Convert video to GIF

  • Saving GIF games is another cool option feature and you can easily upload a GIF on social media or you can send it to anyone as well. Just record a video in B612 camera app and click the red arrow icon to save. In that process, you will get the option to save as GIF. Tap and you’re done.
  • That is, people. These are some of the best and most useful features that you should know to use. Feel free to ask in the comments below for any questions.


Guide about How to Use B612 Cam­era App

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