Tips to use Clipboard in Windows 11

Tips to use Clipboard in Windows 11

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to use Clipboard in Windows 11. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to use Clipboard in Windows 11

The Windows 11 clip is the latest features such as Icons, GIF and Emoji. Learn how to use the Advanced Clip Manager here. Many users copy and paste text and images from one software package to another. When copying a text or image, Windows 11’s clipboard saves the copied item so you can paste it. Therefore, Clip Manager is important feature for many users.

The Clipboard Manager has been redesigned in Windows 11. The modified clipboard manager is acceptable as the Windows 10 version is limited. Let’s find out how to use the full featured Clipboard Manager at the new Microsoft desktop.

How to Play and view Clip History in Windows 11?

The process to activate clip history in Windows 11 is similar to Windows 11. Press Windows + I hotkey to open up the Settings app and then go to the System tab. From the right side, scroll down to Clipboard and select. Now, just let the History of the Collective work rotate. That’s it. You can now view and use your clip history by pressing the Windows + V heating key which is the same as accessing Clip History in Windows 10. You can also share an item clip clip by clicking on an item elo Pin button come under it.

How to or Clip History from Windows 11?

The steps to delete your clip history from Windows 11 are also the same as Windows 11. Go to Settings> Settings> Clip and then click on Clear Clip Data button which will delete your entire clip history except for shared items. You can also delete a clip by opening the History clip and then using Clear All button. To delete a specific Clipboard item, click the three icon button next to the clipboard and then click Delete button.

How to Synchronization History on devices inside Windows 11?

From Clip settings, you can also synchronize your video clip history across your other devices. For that, you need to click on Start button now next to the Share across devices option. Then, verify your identity and then use the Auto sync text I copied or the sync text manually I copied option.

How to use New and Clip Upgrade in Windows 1

This is new and progressive features in Clipboard Manager in Windows 11 to beware of:

  • Check out the GIF section.
  • Use Emojis directly from Clip Manager.
  • Try Kaomojis.
  • Use a variety of symbols.
  • Check out the most used items recently.

Check out the GIF section

The new clip feature comes with a dedicated GIF tab inside the Clip Manager. You can access and use many GIFs directly from your Clipboard Manager in Windows 11. Here are the steps to use this new GIF section manually. First, press the Windows + V keyboard to open up the Clip Manager. Now, you will see a GIF option on the top of the Clipboard; simply click this option to open up the GIF section.

You will be able to view different GIFs including custom ones. It also provides sections with GIFs dedicated to famous and famous titles. In addition, you can also find specific GIFs related to your mood, celebrity, subject, animal, or something else.

You can just enter the text in the search box and you will be able to see many GIFs in the results. Scroll down to find more GIFs. Now, how can you use these GIFs? Okay, very simple. You can easily share any GIFs on social media platforms, chat applications, via Email, etc. Let’s say you want to send GIFs to someone via mail on Gmail.

For that, go to Gmail, compose a mail, and make sure you put your cursor in the mail. Then, press the Windows + V hotkey key to open the Clipboard Manager and go to the GIF tab. From here, simply click on the GIF you want to attach to the mail and then send the mail. As simple as that.

Use Emojis directly from Clip Manager

Do you want to use Emojis directly from the Clipboard Manager in Windows 11? You can use hundreds of emojis directly from your Clipboard Manager. All you have to do is open the Clipboard Manager and then move to the Dedicated Emoji tab.

Here, you will find many famous emojis that you can use in Windows 11. You can easily scroll through the emojis to find your favorites. Even better is to type the name of the emoji you want into the search box and download your favorite emoji directly. You can use emojis anywhere on your Windows 11 PC. Use emojis on Twitter, Facebook, Groups, Note Editors, Gmail, and on other applications and platforms.

Try Kaomojis

Kaomoji is a Japanese emoticon that originated with a collection of Japanese characters, Latin letters, and punctuation. If you prefer using Kaomojis, you can do so directly from your clipboard manager in Windows 11.

To access Komoji via Clipboard Manager, press the Windows + V shortcut key to open Clipboard. Then, go to the Kaomoji tab and access the various Kaomojis. Here, you can find Kaomiji in different categories like Classic Ascii Emoticons, Happiness, Greetings, Anger, Without Speech, Cute Making, and more. You can use Kaomojis anywhere on Windows 11 in the same way we used GIF and Emojis.

Use a variety of symbols

You can use many special icons and characters directly from the Collector Manager. These symbols include punctuation marks, currency symbols, Latin symbols, geometric symbols, Math symbols, language symbols, and more. To use these and other icons, go to the Clipboard Manager and navigate to the Icons tab. Here, you can see tons of icons that you can use in other applications on Windows 11.

Check out the most used items recently

To check and access the most used GIFs, Emojis, Kaomoji’s, and Icons, you can easily go to the most recently used tab in Clipboard Manager. It helps you quickly use common GIFs, Emojis, and more in Windows 11.


Guide about How to use Clipboard in Windows 11

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Tips to use Clipboard in Windows 11
Tips to use Clipboard in Windows 11
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