Tips to Use Hide My Email on iOS 15

Tips to Use Hide My Email on iOS 15

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Use Hide My Email on iOS 15. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Use Hide My Email on iOS 15

For iOS 15 feature which should be incredibly easy to use, Hide My Email offers many options. Here is what you can – and can not – do. The new “Hide My E-Mail” service in iOS 15 is not intended to replace logging into Apple, but it is a further development of this concept. Instead of giving the company your exact email address, give them one that works perfectly – but that you can delete if necessary. Maybe the company just kept it spamming and took “out” as a challenge. Maybe they sold your email address to other companies and they are the ones who are scamming you.

How to use Hide My Email on your iPhone

Keep My Email is available for all users with iOS 15, but you will need iCloud + to use in some places. You will see Hide My Email as an option in two situations:

Login With Apple

A few years ago, Apple launched Login With Apple program. This lets you create accounts in new applications using your Apple ID information. It’s a quick way to get started on an application without having to remember a new username and password.

  • Open an application that offers Login With Apple as an option when creating your account, then select that option.
  • Select Hide My Email, then Continue.
  • Going forward, any email that the app will send you to your real email address, but the app will not know what that address is.

Register up for a new service or filling out a form

This feature is only available to iCloud + users. When you fill out forms online, they always ask you for your email address. Keep My Email working here, too.

  • Tap the text field that asks for your email address.
  • If your phone knowing that you are requesting your email, you will see Hide My Email displayed as an automated option. Tap.
  • A menu will appear giving you a randomly generated email address. Tap the update button beside you to get a new one, or Continue to save and use.
  • On the next screen, give a fake email in a Note so you can remember what you are going for, then click Use.

How to Find and delete My Hide Email Addresses

You can manage all your fake Hide my email addresses from the Settings application.

  • Open the Settings application and type your name at the top of the page.
  • Click iCloud, then Hide My Email.
  • You will see a list of all the emails you created, the option to create a new one immediately, and a tab that lets you change the destination of your emails.
  • If you enter one of the existing addresses, you can change your icon and notice or Activate. Deactivating the address will not be deleted, but the emails sent to you will no longer be sent to you.


Guide about How to Use Hide My Email on iOS 15

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