Tips to Use IF Function in Google Sheets

Tips to Use IF Function in Google Sheets

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Use IF Function in Google Sheets. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Use IF Function in Google Sheets

Of all features of Google Sheets, one of the most useful in the IF service. Just like the IF formula in Excel, you can use it to run smart tests on your account data. This allows you to perform different actions and give different answers if the test result is TRUE or FALSE. You can use a group of IF information together (IF key), and you can also use the IF function in combination with other intelligence functions such as AND and OR. If you return the value by logic if it is another. First, it calculates the cell or range of cells to see if they match the requirements in the expression of intelligence. If the result is TRUE, the formula returns the value, performs a calculation, or performs other functions.

If the result is FALSE, the function differentiates, returns a different value, or calculates a different formula. The IF function in Google Docs can be used when you want to check a location and then return a value based on it if it is TRUE, or return a specified value. For example, suppose you are calculating students’ grades on a test you want to know if the student took the test or not. In that case you can use the IF function and if the score is greater than 35 it will return “Pass”, otherwise it will return “Failure”.

Why Google If () Service

The If () function tests whether a position in the cell is true or false.

  • If the situation is real, the project will do a job.
  • If the situation is false, the service will perform a different operation.

If () Functional Syntax and Arguments

A function syntax refers to a format in which the function must state. It includes the job name, brackets, commas, and arguments. The syntax for the If () function is:

    • = of (tested, then_ true, otherwise_value)

The three main arguments of the project are:

  • Test: the value or expression that is tested to see whether true or false.
  • Then_true: the action taken if the test is true.
  • Otherwise_value: operation performed if the test is false.

How to Enter the If () function

Unlike Excel, Google Sheets does not use dialog boxes for job disputes. Instead, it has an exercise box that comes out up how to enter the function name into a cell. To enter the service:

  • Press cell B3 to make it an active cell.
  • Enter an equal sign (=) next to the service name if any.
  • As you type, an automatic check box will appear with job names starting with the letter I.
  • When IF appears in the box, press to enter the service name and open the bracket or round bracket into cell B3.
  • Enter cell A2 in the worksheet to enter the cell reference.
  • After the cell reference, enter the equals (=) followed by the number 200.
  • Click the commas to complete the test argument.
  • Press 2 next to the commas to enter this number as the argument then_ true.
  • Press 1 to enter this number as the otherwise_value argument. Do not enter commas.
  • Press Press to insert a closed bracket) and to complete the task.
  • Value 1 should appear in cell B3, given that the value in A2 is not equal to 200.
  • If you press cell B3, the complete function will appear in the formula bar at the top of the worksheet.


Guide about How to Use IF Function in Google Sheets

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Tips to Use IF Function in Google Sheets
Tips to Use IF Function in Google Sheets
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