Tips to Use the Quick Settings Menu on Android

Tips to Use the Quick Settings Menu on Android

Hello Geeky, so today we are focusing on How to Use the Quick Settings Menu on Android. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better helpful way.

Guide: How to Use the Quick Settings Menu on Android

Programs are an important part of your Android experience. They have everything you need to set up up and customize your smartphone the way you want. While access to Android programs can be intuitive, some issues may arise, especially on a new smartphone with an unknown version of Android. Read this tutorial to learn how to open the Android System menu: Android phones available in a variety of shapes and sizes. But inside they all run the same basic operating system that includes programs that allow you to customize your smartphone to suit your needs. we are surrounded up 24 least-known customization that you can play around with.

Before we begin, a quick caveat: although all of these phones running the same Android code, manufacturers constantly change the operating system by installing software on it. The instructions are specific to Android 10 and Android 11 found on the new Google Pixel phones.

Edit Your Room Settings List

Do you not like your options? Edit them.

To edit your Room Settings List, you must have your own phone unlocked.

  • Pull down from the abbreviated list to the full expanded tray.
  • Tap the pencil.
  • You will see an Edit menu.
  • Press long (touch the object until you feel the vibrating response) and then drag in to make changes.
  • Pull the tiles into the tray if you want to see them and out of the tray if you do not.


The Wi-Fi settings show you the type of Wi-Fi network you are using (if any) and clicking the settings icon will show you the networks in your area. You can also go to the full Wi-Fi settings menu to add more networks and manage advanced options, such as whether you want it phone to connect automatically to unlock Wi-Fi networks or stay connected even when in sleep mode.


The Battery Tile is probably the most familiar phone users. It shows you the charge level for your battery and whether your battery is charging current or not. If you tap on it while charging, you will see a picture of your latest battery usage. If you click on it while your phone not charging, you will see the amount of time remaining on your battery and the option to go to Battery Storage mode, which reduces the screen a little bit trying to save power.


The flashlight is on the flash on the back of it phone so it can be used as a flashlight. There is no deeper option here. Just turn it on or off to go somewhere in the dark. You do not need to open it phone to use this.


If you have Chromecast and Google Home installed, you can use Cast tile to connect quickly to a Chromecast device. Although you can connect from within the app (Google Play, Netflix, or Pandora for example) connecting first and then casting saves time and makes browsing a little easier.

Automatic rotation

Control whether you like it or not phone appears when you rotate it. You can use this as a quick rotation to prevent it phone to automatically rotate when reading on the couch, for example. Keep in mind that the Android Home the menu is locked into horizontal mode regardless of the position of this tile.


Switch your BluetoothEerial phone turned on or off by tapping on this tile. You can press long enough to pair more Bluetooth devices.

Flight mode

Flight mode switches your phoneWi-Fi and cellular data off. Tap this tile to quickly change flight mode on and off or long press on the tile to view a list of Wireless and Networks settings.


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