Tips to verify battery health of your iPhone

Tips to verify battery health of your iPhone

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Guide: How to verify battery health of your iPhone

Your iPhone battery life can be reduced if you feel like you are constantly charging or looking for muscle to plug.

Thankfully, Apple offers more built-in capabilities (including more availability in iOS 14.5) that can tell you if you’re looking for a slower battery or maybe your phone it is possible to die for real. Knowing how your battery works can help you avoid spending too much money on a new one phone (The smallest iPhone starts at $ 399). By properly handling the batteries and using a few techniques and tips, you can make the most of what you have.

Here are some tips for keeping an eye on your iPhone battery and keeping it working like new.

How to look up iPhone battery information

Go to “Settings” and open “Battery.” You will see a breakdown of when your battery is in use and what applications are in use up most juice. You can watch 24 hours ago or 10 days ago.

There is also a section called “Battery Health.” Click here for a quick analysis of the usage-up Your battery is current. My iPhone 8, which I bought fresh in December 2019, comes at an 85-percent maximum capacity. Approximately 100 percent, the better you are. Apple warns that “low power can lead to a few hours of use between charges.”

Even if you have less than 100-percent capacity, you can still work at “high performance.” Under “Battery Health” you will see if the battery can still function normally – or not. If the latter is the case, you may consider some of the following issues with your iPhone:

  • App app launch times longer
  • Slow rotation
  • Light back dimming
  • Lower speaker volume
  • Slow applications

How to in iPhone battery life

It is not optimistic if your iPhone has reduced battery power. Apple says anything above 80-percent capacity will let it phone works as usual. Here are some differences tricks and programs you can use to try to recharge your battery:

  • Turn down your screen brightness. Even better, turn on Auto Light in Access settings so you don’t have to think about adjusting.
  • Use Wi-Fi as much as possible. It takes up way less power to connect through your wireless internet than using cellular data.
  • Resist the urge to treat it phone fully charged at all times. Your lithium-ion battery only has several charging times (up to 500) before it starts to decay. So unless you really need a charge, let it drop below 100 percent in full. But try to keep your battery always alert all the way to 0 percent. Instead, dropping to charging in part before the next plug-in is ideal for long-term battery health.
  • Switch on “Optimizing battery charging” in the Battery Health section. That lets your iPhone learn its charging habits and not overheat while plugging in.
  • Avoid doing it phone at temperatures above 95 Fahrenheit. It is much easier to avoid overheating by keeping it away from direct sunlight. You can put it in a bag, or backpack or other covered bag when you go out in the summer. Even better: leave it in your air conditioner home.
  • Keep the software updated. This is not only for security, but Apple is constantly adding battery upgrades and new programs.
  • End background work like “Backup Application Backup,” automated email checks on mail applications, and location services. Go to “Settings” then “General” where you will see the “Background Application Release” toggle. For mail plans, see up “Mail” then adjust the “Pull New Data” option. For status settings, you will see those under “Privacy.”
  • Turn off notifications. It may be easy to get news alerts, but it steals up his home screen at all times and drains the battery. You can manage your notifications in settings.
  • Turn on Low Power Mode. For more on this simple option, read on.

What does the Low Power Mode on the iPhone do?

Low Power Mode helps save your battery when running low on juice. But it can also help slow down the flow. As soon as the mode is turned on, the screen brightness and animations are reduced, and the background function slows down to conserve energy. You will not be able to use AirDrop, iCloud sync, and the Mail app will not keep checking and receiving emails in the background.

At the beginning of a busy day, I would turn on this position earlier. You can do this by adding a lower power level button on your control panel (change settings under “Control Center” and then “Run Controls”) or go into battery settings to turn it on manually. You will find a small battery option under “Battery” in the settings.

Once your phone drains up to 20 percent, a notification will pop up up to save energy. You get another notification at 10 percent.

How to replace your iPhone battery

If the cause is lost, you can replace your battery by Apple. If the message on your Battery Health section reads “Your battery health is seriously damaged,” you will know it’s time.

If your iPhone does not have a warranty or you do not have AppleCare +, which covers battery life as long as you pay for it phone insurance, you will have to cough up $ 49 or $ 69 (including $ 6.95 for shipping) depending on your model to put Apple in a new battery. If short battery life is your only issue, with a replacement battery you will feel like you have a new one phone, even if you also rocking an iPhone 6s.


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