Tips to Watch Annual Golden Globes Without Cable

Tips to Watch Annual Golden Globes Without Cable

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Guide: How to Watch Annual Golden Globes Without Cable

We have at least a week in 2020 and Hollywood is already booming with the boom of seasonal donations. The Oscars won’t happen until next month, but if you’re looking for something less and more humid, the annual Golden Globe Awards are for you. The annual film and television festival, presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, took place tonight at the Beverly Hilton. The Golden Globes 2020 is set to begin broadcast this evening (Sunday, January 5) at 8 pm ET / 5:00 pm PT on NBC. If you are a hacker looking to stream live on your computer, mobile device, or smart TV, you have several options.

Hollywood Strange Press previously announced that Jane Fonda would receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award and the Norman Lear the Carol Burnett Award. One of the most noticed categories is the director category, in which three women are selected for the first time.

Here are the Steps to Get Annual Globes Without Cable

Yes! Report

If you are looking for regular updates from alternatives to better clothing, E! News has a place to go. The channel has a video stream that goes on every day on its website with information and tips on every gift show. Yes! The reports will also look back over the past few years and form some ideas on what might happen this year. If that is correct up your way, then this is the place to choose this year.

You can watch the show live from the broadcast broadcaster on or the NBC app. With a website or app, you can stream signals without having to access a TV provider. However, if you have one, you can link to your account and get more content than you would have without one. Either way, you can enjoy the Golden Globes through websites or mobile app.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another option you can use to get your Golden Globes right home. For $ 50 a month, you can access channels such as NBC and ABC to get any coverage you show. heart may like. YouTube TV offers a free two week trial until the 15th of January to help ensure that you will want to keep this up all year round. After the 15th day, it will return to the normal 5 day free trial, so you can still test the streaming service out.

Hulu Live

For $ 55 per month, you can try Hulu Live to pay for all the shows and movies you can enjoy. With channels like CBS, NBC, and ABC, there is no gift show you will miss this year. You will get coverage of the entire event without having to deal with the hassle of a USB cable. Plus, the first month of Hulu Live is free, so you can definitely feel it for free.

AT&T TV Baby

AT&T TV Now plays tons of fantastic channels without the need for a cable TV provider. For $ 65 per month, you can bring all your favorite gift shows into your living room. This package includes NBC, ABC, and CBS as well as HBO, for something to do between shows. It is a great deal, and you can try it for a week free of charge for you.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the perfect choice for someone who does not want to pay too much to cut the cords out of their lives. To receive NBC channels, you will have to choose either Sling Blue or Sling Orange and Blue to select them up. Sling Blue is $ 20 for the first month and $ 30 every month after that, while Sling Orange and Blue are $ 35 for the first month and $ 45 after that. You will be able to stream Golden Globes and any future gift shows with a lower price than others.


Last but not least, we have fuboTV as another amazing choice for all your gift shows. For $ 60 a month, you can pay for all your gift shows with NBC and E! Report. It offers a good seven-day test, so you can hang things up by the time the next show comes around.


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Tips to Watch Annual Golden Globes Without Cable
Tips to Watch Annual Golden Globes Without Cable
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