What are the Benefits of eLearning over Traditional learning?

What are the Benefits of eLearning over Traditional learning?

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Guide: What are the Benefits of eLearning over Traditional learning?

Online education allows students to receive computer training assignments from anywhere in the world. E-learning has given students the freedom and customization options that make online learning a great alternative to a more traditional classroom. More and more people are taking online courses. According to a 2015 report by the Babson Research Group, the number of students enrolled in eLearning training activities has increased 5.8 percent, and that number has increased annually for the past 13 years.

What is eLearning?

First, let’s develop an eLearning definition. So what is e-learning? eLearning, or electronic learning, is the delivery of teaching and learning through digital sources. Although eLearning is based on established theory, it is delivered by electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and even cell phones. phones connected to the Internet. This makes it easy for users to learn anytime, anywhere, with little or no restrictions. Basically, eLearning is any training, training, or curriculum provided online through a computer or other digital device.

What is Traditional Education?

In ancient times our traditional teachings were famous in gurukels (ashrams) in India. Similar systems have also become established in other countries. Traditional classroom instruction has been accepted since ancient times, where students are teaching students the same thing from their teachers in the same way.

Everyone has to come if they want to do training work. If a student does not attend a class, he may miss the point of the lesson. Teachers can teach a number of students in a classroom. All students must learn the same thing, whether it be fruitful or not. Some are not interested in a particular subject, but they have to read it. In this way, the traditional education system is a role model in the classroom.

Why is online learning so effective?

Online education is more effective than traditional education as it gives you the freedom of time. One can open tutorial videos in your time. You do not have to go to a school to attend lectures. Students can read and complete online training activities within their time frame compared to traditional training.

Second, it provides adequate training from experts in specific topics. It will take some time to learn a lot because experts write certain topics in a short time. People also think about the security aspect because traffic accidents are common in urban areas. In rural areas, online training facilities offer excellent curriculum options and students benefit from experts in writing their careers. The most important thing is that everyone can learn through eLearning platforms.

Students do not have to plan much time to get new training assignments. they can learn from their own devices anytime, anywhere. In addition, traditional education has now become more expensive, while e-learning is much cheaper than it used to be.

Internet Education vs Traditional Education

Both traditional and online educational institutions have their advantages and disadvantages. One thing is for sure, the demand for online education system is increasing. While traditional classrooms have some good social space that can be lost in some virtual training areas online.

Traditional face-to-face training gives teachers the opportunity to interact with students in a more personal way. When comparing online services with traditional training services, the most important thing to consider is your own learning style and planning needs. Let us know what the pros and cons are. of e-learning & traditional education:

Benefits of E-Learning

  • One can learn in one’s own time.
  • Students can explore anywhere, without restrictions on areas.
  • Easy to choose topics and topics.
  • Students can interact with their teachers through social media, email, SMS, and so on.
  • They can be in contact with their teachers and take advantage.
  • Students may even study in hazardous conditions such as heavy rain, storm, physical damage, pandemic, or epidemic conditions.
  • It saves a lot of time for the students. Allow time for other tasks.
  • Learn only the essentials and avoid unnecessary topics.
  • It is much cheaper than Classroom training means it is more effective for learning.
  • No need to travel up to the research school. Therefore, it protects us from car accidents.
  • Teachers receive additional income from online remote training.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Traditional Classroom Training

The benefits of Traditional Training are as follows:

  • Students can stay in physical contact with their teachers and consultants so that they can ask questions directly to them and get satisfactory answers.
  • They can develop friendships with their students and others.
  • Students can grow their network and compete with others.
  • Experience a variety of school, college and college services.
  • They have practical knowledge of many topics in theaters and fields. Therefore, they can have a better understanding.
  • Students get their physical degrees and have better working lives.


Traditional teaching methods are very expensive because teachers can teach low-performing students at a time. Students have to pay a lot of money for their teachers.

  • Students have to travel to educational institutions so they have to pay travel expenses and sometimes, they have accommodation charges when they stay in a hostel or pay a visitor.
  • They are not comfortable in time even though they have to reach the end of the journey on time. They must attend lectures taken by teachers otherwise, they miss them.


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What are the Benefits of eLearning over Traditional learning?
What are the Benefits of eLearning over Traditional learning?
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