What is Hacking and how Hacking Woks? -Basic Guide

What is Hacking and how Hacking Woks? -Basic Guide

Hello fellas here, I am focusing on What is Hacking and how Hacking Woks? -Basic Guide. So please read this tutorial carefully so you may comprehend it in a better useful way.

Guide: What is Hacking and how Hacking Woks? -Basic Guide

Do you want to learn to hacking, but you don’t even know What is Hacking and how Hacking Woks? Then this post is for you.

Hacking was used in the “good previous days” for learning information about systems and IT generally. In recent times, thanks to some rascal player, hacking has taken on corrupt and dark meaning. Conversely, many corporations employ hackers to test a strengths and weaknesses of their own systems. These hackers understand when to stop, and the accurate trust they build earns them a large salary.

Hacking is a systematic, tiresome process by which the attacker makes an attempt methodically to locate PC systems, identify their vulnerabilities, and later compromise those vulnerabilities to download entry. Experts have identified six steps which can be generally followed within the hacking process.

Hacking a Computer

Crackers transform computers into zombies by using small­ programs that exploit weaknesses in a computer’s operating system (OS). You might think that these crackers are cutting-edge Internet criminal masterminds, however in truth, many have little to no programming experience or knowledge. (Typically people call these crackers “script kiddies” because they’re young and show no proficiency in writing script or code.) A researcher who monitors botnet says that the programs these crackers use are primitive and poorly programmed. Despite the ham-handed approach, those programs do what the crackers supposed them to do and convert computer systems into zombies.

Most popular and Basic types of hacking include

  1. footprinting (reconnaissance)
  2. scanning
  3. enumeration
  4. penetration
  5. advance
  6. covering tracks.


The first method often used by hackers known as footprinting. The objective is to collect important information to an assault and allow an attacker to obtain a whole profile of a company’s security posture. Throughout this phase, the hacker might gain information about the situation of the company, employee names, phone numbers, security policies, and the general layout of the target network. Usually, hackers can perform this work with a simple web browser, a telephone, and a search engine. Sadly, people are sometimes the weakest security link in an organization. A clever phone call to the technical support department can usually compromise critical info: “Hello—this is Bill and I forgot my password. Are you able to remind me what it’s?” read more about footprinting, click here(Wikipedia)

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Next, hackers perform scanning to realize a more detailed view of an organization’s network and to know what specific computer systems and services are in use. Throughout this phase, the hacker determines which systems on the target network are live and reachable from the Web. Commonly used scanning methods include network ping sweeps and port scans. A ping sweep lets the attacker decide which individual computer systems on the network are alive and potential targets for attack. Port scanning can be used to find out what ports (a port is like a door or window on a house) are open on a given laptop, and whether or not the software managing these ports has any obvious vulnerabilities.


The third part is the process of identifying person accounts and poorly protected computing resources. Through the enumeration stage, the hacker connects to computers within the target network and pokes around these systems to realize more information. Whereas the scanning phase is perhaps compared to a knock on the door or a turn of the doorknob to see if it is locked, enumeration might be compared to entering an office and rifling through a file cabinet or desk drawer for info. It’s undoubtedly more intrusive.


Through the fourth phase of hacking, penetration, the attacker attempts to gain control of one or more programs in the target network. For example, as soon as an attacker has acquired a list of usernames during enumeration, And they can usually guess one of the users’ passwords and gain more extensive access to that user’s account. Alternatively, as soon as the attacker has decided that a target computer is running an old or buggy piece of software program or one that’s configured improperly, the hacker could attempt to take advantage of known vulnerabilities with this software to gain control of the system.

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Within the advanced section of hacking, the attacker leverages computers or accounts which were compromised during penetration to launch additional attacks on the goal network. As an example, the attacker can break into more delicate administrator root accounts, install backdoor or Malicious program, and install network sniffer to collect further information (for examples passwords, Emails, Banking Account details etc.) from data flowing over the network.

Covering Tracks

In the final part of hacking, the hacker eliminates any records or logs showing his malicious behavior. By deleting the log files, disabling system auditing (which would otherwise alert the administrator to malicious activities), and hiding the hacking files that the hacker has introduced, They can cover his tracks and avoid detection. Finally, the hacker can set up a rootkit—a series of programs that replace the existing system software to both cover his tracks and gather new information.


  • Never hack someone’s Computer/Laptop/phone without their permission.
  • Until you are a professional or an expert hacker, using these ways on a popular company or government Computers is asking for trouble. Remember there are people a bit more educated than you who protect these systems for a living. As soon as they found someone on their system analysis, they often monitor intruders to let them incriminate themselves first before legal action is taken. This implies you may think you’ve free access after hacking into a system, when, in reality, you are being watched, and may be stopped at any second.
  • When you identify a method to hack someone’s system you must tell them to allow them to fix it. As soon as they fix it, you’ll be able to publicize your hack and earn respect from different hackers (and employers).
  • It’s very easy to be caught. Even the most popular hackers get caught. Look wiki for example Kevin Mitnick, Jeanson James Ancheta, Albert Gonzalez.
  • Hacking is fun. That’s most likely the number one motive ethical hackers hack. But it surely can be very valuable.

In my next update, I will show how can be hacking is very useful, valuable and profitable so keep update this blog. By Like us on social media and Don’t forgot to share this article if you like it.

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