What Is HDR10+ Gaming?

What Is HDR10+ Gaming?

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Guide: What Is HDR10+ Gaming?

Gamers interested in playing the next generation video games at an impressive high resolution may be pleased to learn that Samsung Electronics has demonstrated a passion for HDR10 + capture for new game titles. The HDR10 + is an open source and powerful metadata platform for high-end graphics developed by 20th Century Fox, Panasonic and Samsung. He said it competes with the more popular Dolby Vision format supported by television manufacturers such as LG Electronics. It has the great advantage that, unlike Dolby Vision, companies do not have to pay to license technology.

What application do I need to get HDR10 +?

To sum up, HDR10 + is a new HDR format that offers higher levels of brightness and contrast with more true-to-life colors and details. To get it, you will need:

  • HDR10 + video source, such as Blu-ray movie or Amazon Prime Video (with more to follow)
  • A device capable of reading HDR10 + encoded applications, such as Blu-ray player or media streaming
  • HDR10 + compatible TV (these may also have built-in features that make it the first need for a playback device)

One more thing: If you are using a streaming media or Blu-ray player for your HDR10 + content and it does not plug directly into your TV, the HDMI cable you are using should be compatible with HDMI 2.1. The reason is that HDR10 + (and Dolby Vision) use much more data bandwidth than traditional HDR10, and older HDMI 2.0 cables may not be able to support that additional requirement.

So that’s it! Maybe he came to upgrade it home theater program or you just want to understand this cool tech, that has really all you need to know. Stay tuned for updates!

Dolby HD HDR – Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is another new HDR asset that was introduced by Dolby Studios. Most high-definition 4K and OLED TVs support this feature in addition to HDR10. LG has started packing this feature into most of its high-end TVs.

Like the HDR10 +, Dolby Vision delivers powerful metadata to the TV. It also supports 12-bit color depth, which is equivalent to 4096 shades of primary colors. In addition, Dolby Vision aims to reproduce 10,000 nits of peak light. This indicates that TVs with Dolby Vision can output 10 times more light than HDR10. However, there are several TVs that support a value of 10,000 nit. Dolby Vision is a powerful cinematic technology that is slowly being implemented in high-definition television.

We hope this article has helped you understand HDR concepts. It can be a confusing topic that makes it difficult to understand which TV to choose. If you are looking for HDR compatible TV, a TV that supports HDR 10 or HDR10 + is perfectly fine. If you want better picture quality, you should consider Dolby Vision as a technology. It has better specs and is better than HDR10 +, but not cheap. Think about it if you want to view HDR content. If not, none of the benefits we talked about will ever be experienced.

Some high-end models support both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, while other players support HDR10 +. Before deciding on TV, you should do some research.


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What Is HDR10+ Gaming?
What Is HDR10+ Gaming?
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