What is the Correct Structure for writing Dissertation?

What is the Correct Structure for writing Dissertation?

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Guide: What is the Correct Structure for writing Dissertation?

Writing a manuscript is a beautiful and important step in your curriculum. It means a lot, so you have a lot of questions. In general, this type of curriculum was created to demonstrate your deep skills in your curriculum, your ability to research and draw conclusions. The manuscript is final assignment for Ph.D. To make candidates before graduation or PhD. So this is like the presentation of your knowledge, skills and abilities in your chosen discipline. The layout of the manuscript is the basic plan of the entire project. It has many parts that also break into paragraphs. Compared to mythical analysis or research, the process of manuscript is more complex.

And the main problem is not in setting the rules, but in the setting of this book. It should break down into precise headings, subtitles, and paragraphs. What about personal thoughts? Yes, the manuscript must be an original study with unparalleled concepts and is usually organized according to specific subject areas and procedures. Why is the script design process important? On the one hand, it is key to organize your work and to articulate all your skills and techniques. The student will not forget to mention an idea in a project when planning and making notes. On the other hand, the program helps to improve the feed and meet all the requirements.

Here Steps to the right program for manuscript writing

Title page

The title page should contain detailed information on the subject and the person, such as the title, title, department, school, training process, submission date, matriculation number, supervisor name and university logo. Colleges always have strict formats for the title page.


This section is reserved for identification of support from teachers and friends during the implementation of the project.


A summary of the entire subject is usually written at the end to provide a description from beginning to end. The summary is intended to encourage the reader to further investigate the subject matter associated with the validation.

Table of Contents

A list of all sub-titles and their page numbers is to be listed in the contents table.

List of figures

An index that contains a number of figures or tables used is essential for breaking down graphic content in a manuscript. This can be done automatically by using the “Add” function in MS Word.

List of shorts

When using languages ​​other than English, a short alphabetical list is required.


This section is a more detailed version of the previous section (list of abbreviations) and can be used in case of having to explain many unknown rules or topics.


The presentation sets the tone for the certification and gives the reader a taste of what to expect. The application should of course name the selected topic and its area, outline the specific size of the study conducted and establish a community reference or interest of the study on the selected topic.

The research question is the most important part of the dictionary, which serves as the backbone for the reporting process. The question must be stated in the introduction along with the goals to be considered.

Literature review

The first type of research done at the beginning of any type of dictionary is the literature review of existing works that have already covered the subject. The study should be an existing analysis of the comparisons that may lead to establishing an argument, placing open spaces, and building on existing data.


This section describes how the study was conducted. It describes where, when and how data is collected to calculate its usefulness, proximity to the subject, methods of data analysis obtained, various software used, detailed review of relevant procedures and constraints, and finally justification for those who gathered. data Data.

The Procedure Section is the most important part of any manuscript and should include a detailed description of all the steps and procedures used throughout the study. This section should also provide convincing arguments to assure the reader that the methods used to conduct the study provide the best possible answer to the research questions.


From the research done and the methods performed, the results obtained have to be stated in this section in the most complete and specific way. Providing final statistics on how the project is supported by tables and calculations can be an effective way to approach this section. The results should be conclusive evidence and should not be open to scrutiny.


The success of this section is the question of the results obtained in the browser view whether they answer the survey questions effectively and in accordance with the procedure of the entire certification. This section should also raise additional questions about the implications of the outcomes and their implications. You should also acknowledge the weaknesses of the research conducted.


Them conclusion must and should answer the survey question directly. The reader should therefore have a complete understanding of the research being conducted. It should be general conclusion, which is then explained in sections that translate it. Them final information intended to provide the reader with a clue as to why this manuscript is important and should shed light on the additional information gathered.

Reference list

The reference list must contain sources of all references. In addition to the normal body shape is important, Harvard Citation Style is the most widely used for textbooks.


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What is the Correct Structure for writing Dissertation?
What is the Correct Structure for writing Dissertation?
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