COVID-19: Spotify will donate up to $10 million to Coronavirus music relief fund

Spotify has announced it is launching a COVID-19 Music Relief project that encourages users to donate verified organizations. The organizations provide financial support to people in the music community worldwide whose jobs are affected by the spread of the corona virus, Spotify said on Wednesday.

“Spotify will bring together public donations from dollar for dollar to a total Spotify contribution of $ 10 million,” said the music streaming platform.

Spotify also has a COVID-19 hub on its news and information platform for users and provides non-profit organizations and governments with advertising space for public safety announcements.

There will also be a feature shortly that will allow artists to fund Spotify directly from fans and forego their share of sales in SoundBetter, the music talent marketplace, for artists who continue to receive music from during the pandemic Soundtrap, a cloud recording platform Home-based audio also offers extensive free trial versions for educators.

Spotify has already funded the CDC Foundation Emergency Response Fund and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

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