How to clear your Apple Maps search history

It’s funny how you can use the app for ages. Still, learning about it is a new thing.

Earlier this week, I gave a talk about the North Coast Mac Users Group, and during their question and answer session, someone asked how to clear the search history in Apple’s Maps app.

My intuition was to get into the app’s search bar, which shows an inventory of your previous searches under the search box. This is my point of contact when I try to create a previous one that you can search for. However, since you can click on it beforehand and look for something to wear it again, you won’t be able to swipe over certain person objects to remove them, and there’s no button to take them all out. (Apple Maps on iPad users get a helpful delete button throughout the search window, but iPhone customers are usually not so lucky.)

To get to the right place, you want to open the bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the screen. (I used to be reminded of this doctor who has an episode with the extra door that no one else can see. I’m not sure I’ve ever tapped this bookmark icon, but it’s probably sitting there all the time !!! )

However, once you’re on a humble icon, you’ll be offered a tabbed interface where you may be able to view bookmarked locations, an inventory of recent locations, and contacts. After the tap on “Last” look in the upper left corner of the screen and you will notice a “Delete” button. You cannot delete certain person objects from the list of recent events. However, you can also blow it up so that no one wants to let you know how often you search for the closest domino pizza.

Since you are here, you can also edit bookmarks from the Bookmarks tab. There is an “Edit” button that allows you to delete, even rename and rearrange bookmarks for certain people. Download.

So there you have it: a function that nevertheless seems self-evident and amazes a whole room of individuals (together with me briefly). Since this seemed clear to you, congratulations! They are certainly more sensitive than mine and are much more likely not to be eaten by Prisoner Zero.

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