How to create a ringtone in GarageBand

GarageBand is a nice software program that allows you to play anything related to music. However, the latest model also offers you the option of creating your own personal ringtone in your iPhone. Simply place it in the appliance, export the file to iTunes, and then add it to your iPhone to give your favorite gadget a unique identifier. You may only have a maximum of 40 seconds in your tone. With a little GarageBand magic, however, it’s easy to create a placing audio clip in no time. You will never buy a ringtone again. See also: Evaluate GarageBand 11.

1: Find music

Start GarageBand. Then click the Media Browser button in the lower corner of the main interface to open your iTunes library.

2: Choose a lot

Use the media browser to view your iTunes music range, from the total number of albums in Prime to the lists below.

3: Ready to go

Select a music that you really want to pattern and drag it onto the main timeline of the GarageBand software, which is ready to be changed.

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