How to disable Emergency SOS on iPhone and Apple Watch

An Apple Watch or iPhone that accidentally dials 9-1-1 is not only annoying, it can also be a problem for local authorities.

In some extreme cases, accidental 9-1-1 calls can ruin emergency services in an area. We saw it with devices that were accidentally triggered in a workshop. But what if it makes your own device at home?

This was done with a redditor reporting that his Apple Watch continues to send emergency SOS messages to his emergency contacts.

According to the user, the phone sends an emergency SOS when not in use, e.g. B. on a table or in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

The redditor turned to Apple Support, who only said that he should remove the case from his iPhone to see if that fixes the problem. In this case, we recommend deleting the file to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Aside from that, you can also make emergency SOS mode a little more difficult if you accidentally trigger it.

Disable Emergency SOS on iPhone

There are several ways to trigger an emergency SOS on iPhone, and you can change them to your liking. Go to

  1. the settings
  2. Emergency SOS
  3. Turn off the switch next to the Call with the side key,

If this parameter is activatedPressing the side button five times triggers the function – something that is easy to do in a badly set case.

If you have problems, we recommend disabling them. You can still make emergency calls through SOS maintaining some buttons.

Disable Emergency SOS on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is also a notorious emergency SOS dialer as it is set to the hold side button.

Depending on how you wear your watch, your wrist may accidentally trigger the setting.

  1. Just open that Watch the application on your iPhone.
  2. Go in the direction Emergency SOS,
  3. Deactivate the switch next to Hold down the side button,

If everything’s falling apart …

If none of these adjustments work for you, it may be due to a bug in newer versions of iOS (as the original Redditor suspected). In these cases, you may only need to fix the problem until Apple releases an update.

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