How to hide text messages on iPhone

If you don’t need anyone to see a text message on your iPhone, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to block or hide text messages. Perhaps you are organizing a shock event, planning a vacation or not being effective. Regardless of your motive, you can hope that there is a way to prevent someone from seeing text messages on your iPhone.

You can simply lock your iPhone to prevent anyone who doesn’t know your passcode from accessing it. But how can you prevent notifications from appearing on the lock screen and the game betrayed, and is there a way to hide only secure messages?

We are investigating a number of situations where you may be able to hide and lock text messages on your iPhone.

How to lock your iPhone so someone else can’t enter your messages

  1. The very first thing you need to do is remember to have a passcode set on your iPhone. You probably already have this, as this can be a default setting on newer iPhones. If not, go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Activate Passcode.
  2. However, if you already have an access code, the person you need to keep out of your messages is aware of it. Change your access code. To do this, go to Settings> Touch ID (or Face ID) & Passcode> Change Passcode. You should enter your outdated access code earlier than you may be able to consider a new 1.
  3. Make sure that your chosen passcode is not completely clear. Regardless of Apple’s claims about the security of Touch ID and Face ID, the 1 actual security you have received is your passcode. And if that’s easy to guess, EVERYONE can get on your iPhone. You can choose from 6 numbers.

This prevents other people from unlocking your iPhone. However, it does not prevent a warning from being displayed if you receive a new text message.

Hide warnings for new messages

  1. Go to Settings> Notifications and scroll down until you find messages.
  2. In the Messages section, scroll down to Preview. By default, this is set to Always. Tap on it and choose: Never. This means that the warning should remain personal even if your iPhone is not locked. (You can even choose Unlocked.)

You still receive a warning, but the content of the text remains personal. As proven, only “iMessage” should be read as an alternative to previewing the message.

Alternatively, you may not have to retrieve all text messages. Here’s how to try:

How to stop receiving SMS notifications

  1. Go to Settings> Notifications and Faucet for Messages
  2. Deselect Allow Notifications.
  3. If a message is now available, no warning is displayed. In addition, a pink balloon will not appear on your Messages app icon to notify you of new messages.
  4. To find out when you have a new message, you want to open Messages. Then you will notice a blue dot after all conversations with updates.

The disadvantage of this method is that you will not receive notifications for new messages. This could mean that important updates are missing. Fortunately, you may be able to set notifications to end only from a specific person or group of message chains.

Stop notifications from only one person

  1. Go to Settings> Notifications again and scroll down until you find messages. In the Messages section, select the option to enable notifications (if you disabled this in the step above).
  2. Now open the Messages app and look for the dialog you want to end. Open the message thread.
  3. Tap (i) in the right corner.
  4. Choose Hide Warnings. Now there is no warning when a message has been captured for this message thread.
  5. When you open messages, the Do Not Disturb icon may appear after the dialog box. However, you can see the final lineup and open this thread.

How to hide messages from a selected person

There is another way to hide messages from a selected person. However, you want to remove them from your contacts.

  1. To remove a specific person’s contact information from contacts, go to Contacts, find the specific person, and edit the tap.
  2. Scroll down and select Delete contact.
  3. Go to Messages in Settings.
  4. In the message settings, scroll to Filter unknown senders.
  5. This will disable notifications for iMessages from people who are not in your contacts and save them directly in a separate record.
  6. Messages from that particular person are now shown in a separate record of unknown senders.

For more recommendations on using the Messages app on iPhone, see: Send an SMS on an iPhone. We even have recommendations on how to send a text message here on an iPad and how to send and receive text messages on your Mac.

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