How to install Android on iPhone

Is it possible to install the Android operating system on an iPhone and boot between the two?

Perhaps the best technical debate of our time, far behind Mac PC warfare, which used to take up a lot of space, revolves around the duopoly of the mobile operating system: iOS and Android.

Both have parts of their favor. iOS is more user-friendly and safer. Android is more customizable and available on a much larger number of units. Wouldn’t it be nice or not if you could use them on the same smartphone?

In this article, we’ll look at how to install Android (or pretty much iDroid, an Android model for iPhones) on a jailbroken iPhone. However, if you are not jailbreaking your gadget, it is also a pretty iPhone case with a separate mini Android phone.

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Install Android on an iPhone with a jailbreak

Before we get started, some common warnings about jailbreaking an iOS gadget.

While many Apple followers have been jailbreaking iOS devices for years without encountering any serious problems, there is a likelihood that (in Apple’s probably biased words) security vulnerabilities, instability, reduced battery life, unreliability, business interruption, and inability to turn to future software Updates on “. And since you are installing apps from sources other than the official App Store – which is the whole goal of jailbreaking the gadget – it is likely that you will accidentally download malware.

Finally, keep in mind that jailbreaking will void the warranty agreement with Apple.

Let’s get this out of the way. You want an iPhone with a jailbreak. If you haven’t already, read here: Jailbreaking an iPhone. And we recommend that you simply connect your phone to an influencer for this course.

  1. The first step is to install Bootlace. Start Cydia and click Manage> Sources> Edit> Add. Then add the repository. Tap Add Supply, open the repository and install Bootlace.
  2. Start Bootlace (you’ll need to restart your iPhone for it to appear) and let it patch the kernel. Press reboot.
  3. In the following phase, OpeniBoot will be installed. Start Bootlace and choose OpeniBoot> Install> Next.
  4. Tap iDroid> Install> OK and wait for iDroid to be installed. This may take some time. Affected people. If the battery is almost empty, you need to connect your phone earlier than you start.
  5. In Bootlace, tap QuickBoot and then tap the Android icon. Restart Android and you’re ready to go.

Run Android on a separate gadget in an iPhone case

If all of this sounds pretty difficult or you just don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone, you might be fascinated by a challenge that was added to the KickStarter crowdfunding platform not so long ago. Known as the “Eye – Smart Android Case for iPhone”, it cleverly transforms an entire Android phone into an iPhone case, giving you a double-sided phone in a single case with an iOS display on one aspect and another on Android back on.

As previously mentioned, Eye is currently at Kickstarter, so the same old reservations apply to this service. Donating cash for a Kickstarter challenge should not be the same as paying for an identified product. The challenge could not accomplish its purpose, experience long delays, or produce something very disappointing or extraordinary. In some of these cases, you will likely receive a refund. You won’t try this with many others.

If you really prefer it, you can support the challenge here and read more about Indiegogo. It’s on the market (or may be available when and when the challenge is complete) for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and SevenPlus.

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