How to Install, Hide and Remove Fonts on your Mac

Your Mac comes with a number of pre-installed fonts. However, many other fonts are available for download and use. You might want to add fonts on Mac when designing a poster, editing a clip-on iMovie, or just want to create an interesting Instagram legend. You can install, disable, and delete custom fonts. We’ll show you how to do these three elements here.

Add and remove custom fonts on Mac

The first thing you need to do is get custom fonts. On Mac, you can use the font files .ttf, .otf, and .ttc. When you download a font or font package, you sometimes get it as a zip file. Unzip to access the inner font file. Here are some useful websites where you can download a number of fonts for free:

Once you’ve downloaded the font you want, read the rest of the guide to learn how to add, disable, or delete it later.

Fast access:

How to install fonts in macOS

Step 1. Start the viewfinder on your Mac and double click Font folder that you downloaded in the finder. Here I downloaded Alex-Brush from FontSquirrel.

Step 2. to open writing book on your Mac and click file from the top menu and choose Add fonts from the dropdown menu.

Step 3. From downloads, show the police the way You want to install.

Step 4. The selection Fonts are installed and you can see the fonts in your script book.

How to disable fonts on your Mac

Step 1. Choose font you want to deactivate in the “Font Book” window. You can view your fonts in All Fonts or Users in the left pane of the Font Book.

Step 2. Now you can select them To edit Option in the top menu and choose to Disable the “Font Name” family.

The font is not deleted. However, it does not appear in the font menu in applications. Fonts that are marked as “Off” in the title block are deactivated.

How to remove fonts from your Mac

Step 1. Choose font by doing writing book Window. and right-click to font Delete fonts on the Mac.

Step 2. Click on that Delete button, Fonts are deleted from the trash from the font book.

There is another method for removing fonts. choose vs the option file and click Remove,

It is everyone!


After following these simple instructions, you can easily add, disable, and delete fonts on your Mac.

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