How to screen record on a Mac

Have you ever had to film the screen while something was happening on your Mac? You may be watching a video and need to record a clip. You might be trying to show someone how to do something and a video would make it a lot easier. It is your decision to keep a FaceTime name for safe keeping. or you may need to record unusual behavior if an app or website doesn’t work as expected.

You can also hope to record a video running on your Mac (e.g. from YouTube or Netflix) and surprise you if it’s feasible and even authorized. Or you wonder why your attempt to record a video did not embody the sound.

Fortunately, it’s easy to record what’s going on on your Mac’s screen – here’s how.

Note: You can also use a recording screen running in iOS to record the screen on your iPhone or iPad. Everything that takes part, as well as YouTube videos, can be read here: How to record your iPhone screen.

Use the screen in macOS Mojave

Screen capture became much easier in macOS Mojave in September 2018.

Instead of using QuickTime – the tactic we describe below – a screen recorder is integrated into the new screenshot toolbar.

How to take a screenshot in Mojave:

  1. Open the on-screen toolbar by pressing Command + Shift + 5.
  2. You can record the entire screen or the selected half. Select the desired 1.
  3. If you choose full screen capture, just click the Record button that appears next to Options.
  4. If you have more than one screen, click and keep the capture button. You will note the selection of screen 1 and screen 2.
  5. To record part of the screen, click the Record Selected Part option. You can select the world you want to record or drag the field over it before activating the recording. Mojave recording screen
  6. When you’re done, click Record.
  7. The only indication that the recording is paused is the small end button that appears in the menu bar at the top of your screen. When the factor required for recording is complete, click the exit button on the menu bar (after the timer) or press Shift + Command + 5 again and press the exit button on the menu that appears. Mojave recording screen
  8. The recording will appear in the back corner of your screen. Click on it to open the video in quick look. Alternatively, you can find the video recording on your desktop.
  9. To edit your video clip, click the Trim button when done. Mac recording screen
  10. To crop the video clip, click and drag the yellow hold factors at the beginning and end of the recording. Screen screen Mac
  11. Click Done.

If you find that the audio has not been recorded, make sure that the microphone was selected earlier than you started recording. You can enter this setting by clicking Options> Built-in microphone

If you didn’t enter Mojave but can’t install Mojave because your Mac isn’t supported, you may still be able to record video on your Mac screen. Read on to find out how …

Capture the screen on a Mac using QuickTIme

If you may not be able to run Mojave, or you may not want to install it, you may be happy to hear that it is still easy to record what is happening on your Mac screen. All you want is QuickTime Player, which comes with your Mac for free.

  1. Open the QuickTime Player. To find and open the app, press Command + Space to activate Spotlight and sort QuickTime.
  2. Choose New Screen Capture. The easiest way to do this is to right-click the QuickTime Player icon in your Dock and select the New Screen Capture option from this menu. Quicktime recording screen
  3. A screen capture box will appear on your screen.
  4. Click the white down arrow to see more choices. This corresponds to the selection of whether the built-in microphone or an external microphone should be used for audio. Quicktime recording screen
  5. For example, you may be able to use your iPhone headphones to record yourself for a voice over. In this case, connect your iPhone headphones and select External microphone.
  6. Please note that you cannot record audio from films that can be run on your screen in this way. (We’ll cover the video from YouTube and various sources in a separate article. Here’s how to download YouTube videos to your iPad.)
  7. You can also choose whether or not your mouse clicks should appear during the recording. By default, this is disabled.
  8. Once you are ready to record, you may be able to record half or all of the screen. To simply capture part of the screen, click the purple capture button. You’ll see a message asking you to drag a portion of your screen to capture it. So draw a marker over the world that you need to capture. Once you’ve selected the world, click the record button again. Quicktime recording screen
  9. Alternatively, you may be able to record the entire screen. Simply click the purple record button and then click anywhere on the screen to start recording.
  10. When you’re done recording, right-click the QuickTime icon in the Dock and choose Stop Recording from the menu.
  11. When you’re done recording, right-click the QuickTime icon in the Dock and choose Stop Recording from the menu.
  12. Save the QuickTime movie.

You can use this footage in iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and even instantly share it on YouTube.


ScreenMove 8, Telestream

Available on the App Store, £ 129.99

If you want a little more options to make computerized tutorial movies with accompanying commentary or to include a game in your YouTube fan base, Screenflow might be a good choice.

With this device you may be able to record your screen and edit the consequence.

With ScreenMove, you can also record video from your FaceTime camera while recording screen exercises – a great addition that allows you to make visible contact with your viewers instead of just being a disembodied voice.


Camtasia, TechSmith

Free trial or £ 229.78

Camtasia is a complete record and change response that not only captures motion on your screen, but also (optionally) records video from an integrated FaceTime camera at the same time.

Once entered, you may be able to immediately edit your manufacturing in Camtasia and theoretically run your business from start to finish with just one software.


Capto: Screen Capture & Record, Global Delight

Available on the App Store, £ 28.99

Capto (mainly based on Voila, but newly created from the bottom up) takes over the screen recording, recording and annotation as well as the simple video modification up to 4K decisions.

Unlike other packages, Capto can record stereo sound and you can choose from body loads. You can easily trim films in the editor. However, the editor is just as full as Screenflow or Camtasia.

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