How to use android phone as mouse and keyboard for PC

Have you ever wondered if you want to use your Android phone as a wireless mouse or as a keyboard? Access to your files on the PC? This way you can control your PC with your phone. You can use your phone as a wireless keyboard, trackpad, etc.

With Monect PC Remote, you can turn your phone into a variety of accessories in a matter of seconds. This app not only turns your phone into a mouse and keyboard, but also into a data cable, a gamepad, a media controller and much more. Today we are here with a trick Use the Android phone as a mouse and keyboard for the PC.

Yes, this is easily possible, which I have described in this article Use the Android phone as a mouse and keyboard for the PC Just follow the steps below.

Step 1. First download and install them Monect app.

Step 2. Next, go to the Google Play Store and download this app. It is not necessary to root your device.

Step 3. Done!

Note: It is necessary that your phone and your PC are connected in the same network, otherwise this will not work. Follow the next steps after connecting both devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 4. Open the Monect app on your Android.

Step 5. Wait while it scans and finds your device on the network. Then click on the IP address of your PC to establish a connection.

Step 6. Once the connection is established, a screen will appear on your phone.

Step 7. There are many options available. To use your Android device as a wireless mouse, now click on Touchpad Options.

Step 8. You can switch to work mode to browse your PC’s hard drives. To download and view the file on your phone, tap the file for a few seconds to view the options.

Step 9 There are many options available. Check that all modes work on your device.

Step 10. That’s all!

So everything is about up there Use the Android phone as a mouse and keyboard for the PC. With these steps you can easily Use your Android phone as a mouse and keyboard for the PC.

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