How to: Use the new iPod touch


1. FaceTime is perhaps the most spectacular new feature on iPod touch. With a tap on the button, you may be able to see your friends’ faces, and so they can see you.

2. Setting up a FaceTime name is easy – as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Before you start, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID and email handle into your iPod touch. Face Time connections are made through your email handle (except on iPhone where your phone volume is located).

3. Now open the FaceTime app and scroll through your contact list to find a friend who has set Face Time on their iPod touch or Face Time on their iPhone. When you find the person you need to join, click “Face Time” to request a connection.

4. An invitation appears on the iPod touch or iPhone 4 display asking if your friend needs to attend. When they are satisfied, your FaceTime name begins.

5. FaceTime calls work in any portrait and panorama. You can use the camera on the back of iPod to show your friend where you are.


6. Another new feature of iPod touch is the Game Center. After downloading iOS 4.1, a Game Center app will appear on your private home display. If you need to play multiplayer games, just put a tap on it and sign in with your Apple ID.

7. You can create a nickname that will be displayed to friends and the game group. You can find friends through your email handle, and you can link numerous email addresses to the Game Center app so any of your friends can find you.

8. When you are ready to play a game, you may be able to invite someone to be part of you. Once you’ve signed in to the Game Center app, you may be able to invite someone by sending a friend request using the nickname or email handle.

9. It is easy to find your friends after they appear on a friend list in the Game Center app.

10. If you may not find a friend to play with the Game Center app, think of a special participant around the world. The constant automatic match is a priority for your friends.

11. You can mix friends with players who routinely match to find numbers when it matters.

12. You can even respond to friend requests and think about leaderboards and see how your rating compares to your friends. Tap a friend’s identity to see what games they played.


13. A superior taillight sensor delivers good videos in any clear and low smooth. We shot some videos during the poorly lit Apple Launch Event.

14. If you need to shine in your individual film, you may be able to see yourself on the display with the high quality VGA camera at the entrance (used in FaceTime) while recording.

15. When you’re done recording, the iMovie app may allow you to edit and share your movie in just a few taps.

16. Simply drag to select start and end factors for a filmstrip. Save only the components of the video that you really want.

17. It is easy to share your completed films with the world. Upload your HD movie directly to YouTube or share it on FaceE-book.

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