How to Using VLC Media Player As a Video Cutting Tool

We recently mentioned how we can use Windows Movie Maker as a video cutter to easily separate segments from videos. I agree that hacking videos is very easy. However, if you’re looking for an easier way to cut out small video segments and are an avid VLC media player fan, you can also use it as a video cutting tool.

Another benefit of using VLC is that people who use other operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, or Mac and therefore can’t use Windows Movie Maker may also use cross-platform VLC to cut video clips.

You need to download and set it up latest version of VLC Media player if you don’t already have it. VLC is an excellent participant who plays many multimedia files as well as video discs and various streaming protocols.

After installing VLC, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Start the VLC media player and activate one Advanced controls is located under view Menu.

Activation advance 01

Step 2: Once you activate the advanced controls, you’ll notice four additional buttons above the normal play / pause button. We’re going to use the first button from the left, known as the report button. After enabling these controls, add your video. You have to use open file is under the Media menu, but as you know, I always want the drag and drop method.

Activate Advance 02

Step 3: Basically, we’re not going to cut the video here. We will reasonably play the video and record the segment with the built-in VLC decoder. So search for the position where you want to start your recording and press the play button and the record button at the same time.

Activate advance 03

Tipping: You should use the Image by Image button (the last button from the left in advance) to navigate to the exact image you need to start recording.

Step 4: Press the Record button again when you want to stop recording. The clip can automatically be saved to your as an MP4 media file type Libraries / videos Folders in Windows I’m not sure about Windows XP, but you can search for it in both My Documents and My Videos. The same applies to the other operating systems.

Activation advance 04


The above trick is amazing, but the only downside is that the player records the video frame by frame and is therefore only suitable for small cuts. You need to sit and watch the video while VLC is recording in the background. So make sure you make it small.

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