ibVPN – VPN for Wifi Security: Review And Features

Description of ibVPN – VPN for Wifi Security Review

Simple and user-friendly VPN app and IP changer! Enjoy Wi-Fi security at public hotspots. Play online games. As a test user, you can access our fastest servers from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America. Start with a 24-hour trial with unlimited VPN traffic.

ibVPN (Invisible Browsing VPN) offers safe surfing, cybersecurity, data protection, identity theft protection and much more!

What is a VPN and what does it do for you?
VPN is an encrypted tunnel between your iOS device (iPhone / iPad / iPod) or computer and a server. Using a VPN gives your device a new IP address and hides your real IP address. You can surf the Internet safely with a VPN.

Benefits of Using a VPN Account
– It protects you from third party tracking cookies. Stop being followed by websites you have no idea about and save your personal information.
– Better than a proxy. VPN connections are faster and more stable than proxy connections.
– Get access to your favorite media websites as you travel around the world.
– Enjoy the best of online entertainment while surfing the Internet.
– Protects your WiFi hotspot – so you can enjoy your privacy and security online like never before.

Benefits of using the ibVPN iOS app
– Select a trusted provider that currently serves over 1,000,000 customers. We have been creating tools for data protection and security since 2003.
– As a new customer, you get 24 hours of unlimited VPN bandwidth.
– Excellent and quick support from our team when you need it.
– Super easy to use: just choose the location and click the Connect button.

Top-notch VPN servers
– Over 150 VPN servers in over 45 countries for premium users: USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Australia, Panama, Hong Kong.

What our customers say:
+++++ Tws57 – April 26, 2017
Have the best experience with this app. Connects automatically and has not been deleted. Easy adjustment. Recommend everyone to try the app.

+++++ JoJo – April 20, 2017
Great app functionality and very easy to set up and use. Plenty of servers that you can access around the world are therefore very useful when you travel abroad and remain invisible on public WiFi networks. 5 Stars.

+++++ loadalils – April 15, 2017
This is the answer for anyone who has concerns about using a VPN. After many vendors have tried, that’s just the rest. It is great to have customer support that is actually quick to respond to your request.

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