iPhone 12: upcoming iPhone might be delayed until October or later

Although we just announced that Apple’s key manufacturing facilities are back on track, this seems to have come too late for the launch of the iPhone 12 in September. This is the month when Apple typically launches new iPhones. According to Jon Prosser (a leaker with a good track record), the iPhone 12 will likely be postponed to October or November.

He claims that production is behind schedule and that due to the travel ban associated with corona viruses, Apple has not yet been able to complete the design, so the iPhone 12 is still at the prototype stage. This also means that all renderings and leaks we’ve seen so far don’t seem to be based on finished hardware. Instead, it is, if anything, just a mix of the prototypes that Apple is currently considering.

So the iPhone 12 series could not only be slowed down, but if Prosser is right, we don’t know much about it either.

As with all leaks and rumors, we would of course pick up on these claims with a grain of salt, especially since another recent report claimed that the iPhone 12 was on schedule. Until the rumors start popping up, we’d be skeptical of every iPhone 12 claim with an additional dose, but Compsmag will surely bring you all the iPhone 12 messages – along with our analysis.

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