Fix F1 22 Crashing Issue on PC

Today we focusing Fix F1 22 Crashing Issue on PC.
Fix F1 22 Crashing Issue on PC

In this article we will talk how to Fix F1 22 crashing issue on PC. Players are enjoying F1 22 racing on both PC and VR, but some of them are facing a bug where the game crashes suddenly. It can be very annoying if it happens during a race you are about to win. We created this to fix the crash issue guide Covers all possible solutions that you can try to solve F1 22 Crashing problem on PC and VR. Looking for F1 22 crash fix gamers don’t want to waste their time on this new racing game. Unfortunately, players on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One experienced crashing issues during the game’s launch week.

Many F1 22 enthusiasts report jerky gameplay, constant screen freezes, and occasional crashes when playing in the game’s VR mode. This issue seems to occur on both Nvidia and AMD GPUs and has been confirmed on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. After thoroughly investigating this issue, we found that there are actually several scenarios in the F1 22’s VR mode that can cause this behavior. Below are 4 steps to fix F1 22 crashing issue on PC.

How to Fix F1 22 crash issue on computer

Get the latest driver

  • The first solution is the most obvious and should be your performance as a player. The game may crash because you don’t have the latest GPU driver software. Both Nvidia and AMD release new GPU drivers with immediate support for new games. GeForce Game Ready driver version 516.59 supports F1 22, so make sure you have the latest software installed.
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Check integrity of game files

If your game crashes mid-game, the game files may be corrupted or missing. There is a quick and easy way to check and fix Steam game files.

  • To repair, go to Steam Library > F1 22 Right Click > Properties > Local Files > Check Integrity of Game Files.

Disable Steam overview

Steam overlay is a nice feature but not essential feature Play any game. The feature Games have been known to crash at the beginning or middle of the game. Try disabling steam overlay, it might stop F1 22 from crashing.

  • Go to Steam Library > Right click on F1 2021 > Properties > General > Uncheck Enable Steam Overlay while in game.

Change the Nvidia Control Panel settings

Here are some settings we recommend to get the most GPU performance. The GPU may not be providing enough power or may crash transiently. The following configuration should help.

  • Right-click on the desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > F1 22.
  • Change the following settings:
    • Image sharpening: Off
    • Low Latency Mode: Off
    • Energy management: Go for maximum performance
    • System Filtering – Quality – Performance
    • Thread Optimization: On

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