How to Delete period tracking app Data

Today we focusing How to Delete period tracking app Data.
How to Delete period tracking app Data

In this article we will talk how to Delete period tracking app data. Since the Supreme Court’s TOPS decision denying people the right to an abortion was leaked last month, some have called for the removal of period tracking apps to prevent that data from being used to target people seeking abortions. However, it is useful to distinguish between the security and privacy threats currently faced by abortion seekers and those that may arise in the future.

The US Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. After overturning Wade and ending federal abortion protections, warnings about eliminating cycle monitoring apps flooded social media. They fear that the data in these apps could be used as a weapon in court. Below are the steps to remove period tracking app data.

How to Delete period tracking app data

Cycle tracking in apple health

  • According to Apple’s Health app and privacy policy, any health or fitness data captured in the Health app on a device locked with a passcode, TouchID, or Face ID is “encrypted and inaccessible by default.” However, you can easily delete your period data by going to Health > Share > Apps > Cycle Tracking > Remove All Data from “Cycle Tracking”.


  • In the Glow app, go to More (iOS) or Sidebar (Android). Then go to Account Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Remove Account. For iOS users, you can also find the Delete Account option under Sign Out button. Glow’s support page states that deleting your account will erase your data from the system and cannot be recovered.
  • You may delete your account and personal information by sending an email to
  • The Edge reached out to Glow to see if there is a retention period after account deletion, but did not receive an immediate response.
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  • In the app, go to Settings > Reset or delete my account > Delete my account and data† Enter your username and password. You can also send an email to
  • While logging into your Ovia account from Facebook, you need to follow the above methods. If you delete your Ovia account from the Facebook app, your account or data will not be deleted.
  • Ovia’s privacy policy lists several scenarios in which the company reserves the right to refuse download requests, including to comply with legal obligations. If you’ve agreed to participate in a research study, you can also defer deletion until the research study is over, says Oviya. The Edge asked Ovia for more details on how long the data would be stored, but did not immediately receive a response.

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We hope you like our article how to Delete period tracking app data. Period tracking apps are used by tens of thousands of people to predict the onset of symptoms, track ovulation, and plan pregnancies. Disadvantage: Users enter very personal information into an application that does not keep their data completely secure.


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