How to Enable or Disable call forwarding service on Phone

Today we focusing How to Enable or Disable call forwarding service on Phone.
How to Enable or Disable call forwarding service on Phone

In this article we will talk how to Enable or disable the call forwarding service Phone. Call forwarding or call forwarding is one of the most useful features Go phones. It allows users to forward all their calls to someone else phone number in various situations when the original number is busy or unreachable or when the original number does not answer.

One of the most frequently used is call forwarding phone features. One time feature Directed to a contact number, calls to that number will be forwarded to another previously assigned number under various circumstances. If the number is busy, unavailable or unanswered, the call can be diverted to another number. You can activate the function in any situation as you wish. Call forwarding, also known as call forwarding function, is mainly dependent on the handset and based on the compatibility of the handset. If there are users feature Built-in, one may need to visit the phone’s settings and enable call forwarding to activate the service. Below are the steps to turn call forwarding service on/off Phone.

How to Enable or disable the call forwarding service Phone

It is worth noting that smartphone users can also enable their call forwarding service in the phone’s settings. They should do the following: Settings > Call Settings > Advanced Settings > Call Forwarding. Alternatively, users can ask their telecom provider to enable or disable this service.

Call Forwarding Codes for Airtel

**61* if Airtel user wants to forward calls on no answer<அழைப்புகளை அனுப்ப ஒரு தொடர்பு எண்ணை>* Dial and add how many seconds you need phone To ring before forwarding to another number, add # at the end. . Seconds must be added up In multiples of five seconds. Tap on the call button After entering the details in the specified format, wait for the activation confirmation message to appear on the screen. To disable the service, user needs to dial ##61#.

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**62* if the user wants to transfer the call when the number is unreachable<அழைப்புகளை மாற்ற ஒரு தொடர்பு எண்ணை>* Dial and click dial button. A message indicating the activation will appear on the screen. Dial ##62# and press “Call”. button Disable this feature.

There are cases when the user phone With another person and another caller receives a busy signal during a call. When you are on another call, press **67*<அழைப்புகளை அனுப்புவதற்கு ஒரு தொடர்பு எண்ணை>* User can divert calls by dialing and tapping the call button. Call ##67# to deactivate the service.

If the user wants to forward all incoming calls regardless of incoming calls, **21*<ஒரு தொடர்பு எண்ணை உள்ளிடவும்>*. A message will appear on the screen to confirm the activation. To deactivate the service, dial ##21# phone.

Call forwarding codes for BSNL

If a BSNL user wants to enable call forwarding when the number is unanswered, call **61*number# from phone. User may need to add number of seconds phone Must ring before transfer. Seconds must be a multiple of five. to disable featureEnter ##61#.

To transfer calls while the user is talking to someone else, dial **67*number# from phone. To deactivate, enter ##67# on the dialing screen and press call button. When transferring calls phone BSNL number disabled or unavailable. phone. To deactivate, dial ##62#.

It is also arranged to forward all incoming calls to one number. To activate this arrangement the user needs to dial the code **21**number# from the number. To stop setup, dial ##21#. While entering a phone Number Remember to add the international country code before the contact number. Now dial ##002# from to clear all preset conditions and reset to default phone.

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Call forwarding codes for Jio

Jio users can use below codes to enable call forwarding on their Jio number. *401* to transfer call for unconditional call transfer from user’s Jio number<10 இலக்க எண்ணை டயல் செய்யவும்>. To disable unconditional call forwarding, dial *402.

*403* to transfer calls from Jio number when user is unable to answer<10 இலக்க எண்> Use the code To disable the number function, dial *404. User can dial *405*<10 digit number from Jio to transfer calls while busy phone. Disable this feature Dial *406 from Jio number phone.

*409* to transfer calls during your absence<10-இலக்க எண்ணை> Please dial phone. To disable it, dial *410 phone. to stop feature For all calls, dial *413.

Call forwarding codes for Vodafone Idea (Vi).

For Vi users, **21*< என்ற குறியீட்டைப் பயன்படுத்தி அனைத்து அழைப்புகளுக்கும் அழைப்பு பகிர்தல் செயல்படுத்தப்படும்mobile எண்>. To stop service for all calls, dial ##002# phone. If the user wants to transfer calls to another number when the number is busy, he/she **67*< டயல் செய்யலாம்mobile எண்>. To disable this feature user can dial ##67#.

**61*< டயல் செய்வதன் மூலம் அழைப்புகளுக்கு பதிலளிக்கப்படாத நிலையில், பயனர் அழைப்பு பகிர்தலை செயல்படுத்தலாம்mobile எண்>. To disable it, dial ##61#. Likewise, Vi subscribers **62*< டயல் செய்வதன் மூலம் அணுக முடியாத அழைப்புகளுக்கு அழைப்பு பகிர்தலை இயக்கலாம்.mobile எண்> from them phone. User can disable this by dialing ##62# phone.

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We hope you like our article how to Enable or disable the call forwarding service Phone. Android users can forward their incoming calls to a second number. Call forwarding feature Important for several reasons. Generally, you should receive calls phone You use, but there are some situations where your calls may need to be routed to Google Voice or a different number.

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