How To Get macOS’ Live Text Feature In Windows 11/10

Today we focusing How To Get macOS’ Live Text Feature In Windows 11/10.
How To Get macOS’ Live Text Feature In Windows 11/10

In this article we will talk about how to do it Get text directly from MacOS Feature On Windows 11/10. Copy, translate or view up Text in image with direct text from Apple feature, all you have to do is watch the movie. You can also choose phone Numbers or email addresses are included in the picture if you want to call or text a friend. It’s already possible on iPhone with iOS 15, but now it’s also possible on Macs with MacOS Monterey.

Some Mac apps don’t support direct text yet, but they will soon. These apps include: Safari, Photos, Preview, Quick Look, and a built-in screen capture tool. Live text can work with both live and static images. Take a photo of something with text and place it in front of your Mac camera. Below are 5 steps to enable direct text on MacOS Feature On Windows 11/10.

How to get direct text from MacOS Feature On Windows 11/10

Text from photos: copy and paste

Take a picture with text and open the Photos app. Then copy the text from the image and paste it into a new one. Place the mouse pointer over the text and drag to select it, so you can move it. Right-click the item you want to change and a menu will appear. If you want to copy the text, click Copy button. Open the application where you want to paste the text, right-click in the appropriate area, and then select Paste from the menu. When you need to copy text from a physical item, place the item in front of your MacBook camera So the text can be found. Open the Photo Booth app and then press the shutter button To take a picture of yourself. After that, click on its thumbnail, choose Share and choose Add to Photos to save it.

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To begin, open the Photos app. Then, check the image you took. To select text in an image, point your mouse cursor over the text and drag to move it. To copy the text, click Copy button. After that, paste the text into the target app or document you want to use. Open Safari by taking a picture or other image with text. Then, copy the text from it. Select the text. Click on it once and see if you can select it. Right-click the selection and select Copy from the drop-down menu on the next page. Paste the text into the application or file you want to navigate to.

Find the text in the image

If you highlight text and right-click on it, you can search the web from an image in your photo library. Select “View”. Up” option to get an instant response to the text you are currently reading. If you need to search the web, you can say “Search by [your default search engine]” To do so. Direct text Feature To do the same with a real object in Windows, you first need to take a picture of it in Photo Booth. In your Photos library, place the image you want to capture and right-click on the text in the image to open it.

Then, select “View”. up” command or the “Web Search” option. Highlight words You need to search, right-click and select Browse Up Or to use your default search engine, search with If you want to use your own search engine, you can use the search with command.

Direct text Feature In Windows

All the “text” you read on a given platform is stored in image files, which means we all use a lot of bandwidth to view TXT files that are supposed to be text. And that doesn’t even take into account how difficult it is for the blind or those who prefer to read text. Maybe you don’t care about it, but don’t worry about it. You want to copy text from these images, not the entire image! Some things like playing games can only be done on Apple devices but not on other devices. Recent updates have made it possible for Macs, iPhones and iPads to highlight and copy text from an image. This is a new one feature. Doing that is called “magic”.

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“Search by screenshot” is built-in.

Windows has one feature It allows you to copy text from images. It’s not very slick and it’s not easy to find, but it’s there. “Search by screenshot” is one button on the taskbar. By taking a screenshot you can click on it and search for something. You will be asked to capture a portion of your screen. This will be sent to Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Bing will search the text and show you what it is for you. I think this is good. In this case, there is nothing to install and you don’t need to be online to use it.

An easy-to-use free tool called Capture2text.

Sending images to Ping for processing is a lot of work, and you can’t use a keyboard shortcut to start the process right away. Screenshot tool is what this software is all about. It runs in the Windows system tray and can be found there. Instead of taking a picture, it takes any text it can find and sends it to you. A keyboard shortcut is used to launch Capture2Text. The default is Windows Key + Q, but you can change it to your liking. The app will take a picture and if you want, you can open a window with your text. The text is copied to your clipboard, meaning you can paste it anywhere.

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