How to Import Contacts From Google to Android Phone

Today we focusing How to Import Contacts From Google to Android Phone.
How to Import Contacts From Google to Android Phone

This article is about how to Import contacts from Google to Android Phone. If you want to import Gmail contacts to Android phone Or iPhone, you need to import Google contacts phone. This is because Gmail does not store contacts. These are stored in your Google account, so we’ll refer to contacts as Google or Gmail contacts in this post. You can add them by syncing Google contacts to your Android or iPhone or by importing them manually. Below, we have mentioned the steps to import contacts from Google to Android Phone.

Ways to Import Contacts from Google Phone

Automatically backup Android contacts to your Google account

Google is a staple of the open source Android operating system, and there’s no need to save your contacts on Google Drive. This is one of the most effective ways to retreat up Your contacts are backed up by all other contacts you store on your device up automatically. Now, when you first opened a Google account with your email, you were asked to withdraw up Your data. If you did, your contacts are protected, but check or change your settings. You can do the following:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Computer
  • Tap on Google
  • Locate and restore a backup or backup
  • Enable Google Drive Backup

How to Restore Android contacts from backup

You can easily restore your contacts to the new device after backing up the following:

  • Tap on your phone’s Settings app
  • Search google
  • Click Configure and Restore
  • Tap Restore Contacts
  • If you have multiple Google accounts, select an email to restore contacts
  • Select the device with the contacts you want to restore
  • Press Reset
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Export your contacts with a VCF file

Alternatively, you can export your contacts to SD card or any other storage of your choice. You can manually share the VCF file between your devices, but you won’t have an automatic backup of your contacts. You can do that by following the steps below:

  • Click on your Contacts app
  • Select Fix and manage or Menu > Settings
  • Tap Export to file or Export to VCF file
  • Select your preferred storage location and save
  • Open the VCF file to view your saved contacts

Save contacts on your SIM card

You can move your contacts to your SIM card through your Contacts app. In that event your phone If it gets damaged or you get a new device, you can easily replace your SIM card and saved contacts. However, the Google Contacts app only lets you import from your SIM card, so you’ll have to use your default Contacts app to do it.

How to Import your contacts to your SIM card

  • Go to Default phone Contacts app
  • Tap Menu > Settings
  • Select Import and select your preferred SIM card

How to Import contacts from iPhone to Google

By default, your iPhone contacts are stored in your iCloud account, but you can import them to your Google account to access your contacts on an Android device.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Install the Google Drive app
  • Sign in to your Google Account or create a Google Account
  • Go to Menu > Settings
  • Select backup and restore
  • Click on Contacts
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Final Words

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